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This step by step tutorial will explain the process to delete your profile and also cancel you paid membership to the site. If you want to read our review of Snap Sext go here or else just follow the instructions below.

A few things you need to know about their paid membership packages. You need to cancel you paid membership 24 hours or longer before your renewal date or you will get charged for the next month. If you purchased a paid membership there are many options to cancel based on how you paid. We have listed all the options to terminate your membership according to how you paid. The SnapSext customer support website is Gpnethelp. You can also contact them at email at: If you want to find real women on genuine dating sites go here.

Please can you help me I keep on getting emails from your site and I have never been on it someone is using my email and I am shocked at all the durty picture on it. I could be from a sister site such as Fling. You can sign up via an app or a web site. He claims he had never ever signed up or anything. I called customer service and they said it's a possibility that could've happened. I'm confused too on how they can make a fake account under his email.

Im one of these lying sacks of shit and i can confirm both your husbands knew what they were doing. I got a link off a fake fb account and followed it.

So if anyone can help or has happened to please help. When I clicked on the site it took me to the main page where u can login, well I pretended I had an account and said I forgot password, the min I did this it took me to my spam folder and said login in Instantly to see my profile…a so called profile I supposedly made!! I've never registered to this site or any other..

I did this to prove I didn't have an account, but instead it showed a username and all! Does anyone actualy know of any legit dating sites because im yet to find one and im done with this crap. The had a thing called confirm id which is basically exactly as it sounds.

I should point out that writing it on a piece of paper is not the only option as you can also write it on your body as well as pretty much anything else you want including your buddies ass cheeks and as long as he placed said ass cheeks in very near proximaty to your face and the writing was clearly legible with your screen name you were good. They have since simplified the process and no longer require you to hold your id up next to your face.

The following is the process copied and pasted directly from the Confirm ID site:. To become verified, follow these easy steps: Double Check all of your information, and write in any needed information.

If we can't read it, then we can't verify you. Since they stream lined the process and put a big Confirmed badge across the profiles that have been confirmed the quality and quantity of people messaging me whether it was them first or me first has risen dramatically and while I will still message women who haven't been confirmed I tend to stick more to the ones that have. Two other ones people might want to try are Plenty Of Fish which tries to keep the fake profiles out and generally succeeds in keeping it to a minimum as does OkCupid.

Thanks for that very useful information John. These Administrators keep creating fake women "Like" profiles and keep chatting and seducing you and play with your emotions sentiments and your weaknessess. In just last week almost every day… i get poked from a lady who pretends to live very close to me and was sent several websites to get memberships clearences from different sotes and keep digging for more…..

These fake girls will ask for screenshots where your membership wont work…. Thank god… and Hatsoff to my bank's security systems….. I salute them… at HSBC. These girls asks for screenshots and troubleshoot why your memberships wont work on these many dodgy websites…. For god s sake dont get carried away and share all your details with them. Also dont have passwords that you use across other accounts on these websites….

This site showed up in my brouser history, but I've never even heard of it. My wife thinks I've been to the site. Hey do I need to pay to cancel account? I accidentally created a account and now I'm trying to delete it.

I never even ised my CC for the premium membership they said i was just upgraded bit i dont want it anymore…. Dude don't you know women like mystery? The less they know about you, the more want to do you. They totally get off on brand new accounts with no information. So I was on the site today and even got a girl to send me a pic with today's date on it.

So she even did what I asked but in the end she wanted to cam to see if I was real but on a pay site which is essentially like this one. I'm soo done with this site.

Well I bought data yesterday and its taking all my data so I'm done with this crap I want someone to love and at the end everyone wants nude pics so fuck all of them. I sent an email,plus i never verified my email so when i went there i clicked unsuscribe should that work? Someone please please help me! Someone please help me. This site keeps showing up on my 5 year old daughters tablet.

It pops up as a notification, and it opens the browser to come to this site. I am sure it came from an app she downloaded, but this is ridiculous. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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