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Also can any of their towels or mop pads be put in the dryer? So I tried another one. It stained after one use. How do you get the them to look clean? Have you seen my review for it? As for the other Norwex or e-cloth cloths. These are high quality microfiber cloths.

This is why I recommend boiling your cloths occasionally. Maybe worth a read. I am wondering what the warranty on e-cloths is? Norwex is 2 years and have never seen it on the ecloth posts here. Hi Shirley — e-cloths have a wash guarantee. So number of years kind of depends on how often you wash them. I wash mine about once a week so 5. You can buy them for a couple of dollars at WalMart or Ace Hardware. I like the sounds of this better than picking at it with a Q-tip, which is what I usually do and get disgusted by.

Long sports straw brushes sold at Bed Bath and Beyond also work great for that ugly task! I have long thick hair and this works great!! Hello, o just tried the Norwex polishing cloth. I am very very impressed, to the point where I am recommending them to my fire chief to use for our trucks. I was wondering how the Norwex cloth compares to the E-cloth. I was thinking maybe from a financial point using these cloths would be. Your input is gratefully appreciated.

What a great idea! Finally, e-cloth does have a vehicle-washing line. I was recently introduced to Norwex. A friend let me borrow the general purpose and glass cloth and I was amazed!

I looked online to see if this was truly a one of a kind product and found your site! I also ordered a general e-cloth and polishing cloth from your site and the cleaning sponge! I do have to give Norwex the higher grade on the polishing cloth though. Thank you for all the great reviews on this site. My house has never looked better not even close because I actually sort of like cleaning again!

Thank you for taking the time to comment. The Norwex Cloth has micro instead of Nano which is the unsafe one. I believe that Norwex have the patent on silver in microfibre cloths. Sandra — e-cloth stopped manufacturing cloths with silver in them last year because the silver in NO WAY improves upon the cleaning ability of any cloth including Norwex and it only caused confusion to customers.

Not to mention the extra expense and strain on the environment. The purpose of the silver is to speed up the killing of bacteria in the cloth. BUT, as mentioned above, if you rinse your e-cloth well after each use, there will essentially be no bacteria left in the cloth. So the silver is kind of superfluous. But I will be interested to hear what happens so will you please let me know?

She made the money off the sale and she knows the ropes. Or at the very least she could have taken the time to tell you what you need to do. Instead you have to resort to contacting a stranger me for advice. It just frustrates me. The date of the party, your receipt and the name of the consultant.

Ideally, the receipt has the party date and consultant name on it. Scan in the receipt and email it to customerservice norwex. Either way, please let me know what happens. If I were to buy a few products just to get started, what would you reccommend? A friend invited me to her Norwex party tomorrow, and I would like to support her, but I think I will put most of my money towards e-cloths. Which e-cloths would you get first.

This is a great question. You can also use the General Purpose e-cloth to dust, although I find the dusting e-cloths work much better. The Norwex products are great and the consultants have the selling of them down to a science.

I hear that Norwex is downplaying this a bit lately because of huge misconceptions about how it works. Omg do I love the Enviro cloth! It is saving my carpet! It has removed most of my stains in my carpet that I thought was set forever. Great product that I will never live with out!!!! I just had to retire my Enviro cloth. Take care of your Enviro cloth and it will take care of you. I have the same problem and mentioned that in my review of the Norwex Window Cloth.

It moves more easily across the glass and seems to leave my windows streak free. Not that you want to go out and buy another cloth after you invested good money on the Norwex one. Will you please keep me posted? Thanks for the help. I did have plenty of water in the pot while boiling but maybe too many cloths.

Do you clean them each individually? That would take forever! I did try vinegar and then soaking them in hot water with a little soap, which helped. I usually boil Enviro Cloths or of the body cloths together in a small pot sometimes 4 or 5 Enviros in a larger pot — 4 litres? If it comes back, just return them! I tried boiling and now my cloths are burned… Am I suppose to boil the water and then soak, or keep the water boiling while the cloths are being cleaned?

They still smell a little funny too. Will I have to pay full price for replacement cloths? I do love my cloths, just struggling with the cleaning them part… They do great work cleaning other stuff! Did you have lots of water in the pot? Did it boil dry? Did the cloth touch the element? Do you have a picture you can send me?

I boil mine keep the water boiling for 10 minutes about once a month and have never had a problem. They were Norwex cloths right? Norwex has a 2 year warranty so as long as you bought them less than 2 years ago there will be no charge for the replacement. I was out of my regular dishwashing detergent and thought that because the Norwex laundry soap is also non-sudsing it might be a good substitute.

Do you think it would be worth a try in the dishwasher? But I could be wrong. It seems to me that if the laundry detergent COULD be used in a dishwasher stainless interior or not , Norwex would be marketing it that way — or at least spreading the word.

Can you tell me if the Norwex laundry soap can be used in the dishwasher? They are both non-sudsing so I wondered if that would be an option? Have you tried the Norwex Dishwasher Detergent? Hi Kate I just found this site looking for feed back on Norwex, I have a cleaning business and the norwex cloths have saved me so much time. I love them, I clean my cloths with norwex and other laundry soap on the whitest white cycle of my washer Never to use bleach, sofener or dryer sheets Because it is the hot water wash cycle, When I wash my microfiber its a load of like material all microfiber and nothing else.

I noticed people complain about them geting stinky, When ever I am done with my microfiber cloths I clean and rinse them with water wring then tight and then hang them open and flat to dry until the next use. My cloths have never got stinky and I have been using them for about 1 year.

I handle my cloths with the best of care. Always rinse clean and ring dry after every use and hang them to air dry. Hi Dorothy — thanks for taking the time to comment. Sounds like your laundering regime is similar to mine.

Have you had any negative feedback on the dryer balls? I recently washed a load of whites then dried them with the dryer balls and all the shirts came out with yellowish blotches on them…They are definitely not the bright crisp white they were before I washed them…The Norwex consultant I bought them from assures me it was NOT the dryer balls that caused the odd coloring, but I am not convinced….

But I will be interested to hear what happens if you try them again with an old towel or something. Will you keep me posted? Nicole, have you had any more issues with your wash getting spots? So, I clean my shower regularly with the Norwex cloth but it tends to smell like my shower even after the cloth dries and after washing.

Can I soak them in vinegar first? What about oxy clean? Have you tried boiling it? You could try soaking in vinegar. I would try the boiling and vinegar options and if the smell is not there, contact the consultant that you bought it from and ask for a replacement. I have a question about my outside windows that have developed stubborn water spots likely from watering flower gardens. I have tried the e-cloth followed by polishing cloth with no success.

I sprayed my windows with a good dousing of vinegar and let that sit there for a few minutes before wiping with the e-cloth. That worked for me. I was just recently introduced to Norwex products at a party, and the whole idea of chemical-free cleaning with microfiber is new to me and very appealing.

Reading your blog has been extremely helpful in understanding how to use the cloths and also how to care for them — thank you! I do have some questions about cleaning them, though: If so, what should I do about it?

I hear different things and sometimes it gets a little confusing. Thank you so much for all of your help, Kate! Personally, I would boil for 10 minutes and then rinse in hot water or boil again just to flush everything away. The boiling will open the fibers and release a lot of the dirt but sometimes you need to use soap too. But imagine washing your laundry without detergent. That should be enough to get rid of all the soap. If you find your cloths start to stink, just boil them without soap to get rid of any residue.

Once or twice a month should be fine. Thank you so much — this was really helpful!!! I also appreciated your blog post outlining this in further detail; thank you for taking the time to do that for all of us.

That site was a huge help!!! I am definitely a believer now! Thanks again for all of your help! Rebecca — thank you for taking the time to write. I do appreciate it. I think a lot of people have shared your first impression of Norwex and e-cloth products.

Do you think that would work? My sister in law is getting the mop system, so I may just have to look into this idea. It would certainly save some money and I could still keep my dust mop. Or you could try entering my contest to win an e-cloth mop. Busy day on my end. Hi, i just got a microfiber cloth and window cloth and love them! I am still experimenting with all the ways i can use them. Can the microfiber cloth clean a tub with hard water stains or do you need something with a bit more abrasive power?

Did you go with Norwex or e-cloth? How big of a build-up of hardwater stains have you got? I have recently purchased a few products, one which is the cleaning paste. Can you tell me if I can use the paste on my shower without scratching or removing the finish? I also have a glass top stove. Can I use the paste on that? The same goes for your glass stove top. That being said, I know people have used it with great results and no scratching on both. Hi — love reading through all this info. I am new to norwex, by I am hooked!

One problem — my husband trying to be helpful washed one of my kitchen cloths with other towels and bleach, and put it in the dryer. No dryer sheet with that load, but I have used them in the past, so I know there is dryer sheet residue.

Jess — too bad about the bleach. Washing with bleach is a big no-no though as it can degrade the microfibers. As for the dryer. It is fine to dry your cloths in the dryer. The dryer sheet residue may accumulate over time — in which case I would recommend boiling your cloth with a little dish soap for 10 minutes. Actually, I always recommend to do this periodically anyway. The cloths will pick up ALL the loose lint. Right now, the bleach is the only questionable factor for your cloths.

I saw your post about the all purpose e-cloth…is there a noticeable difference between it and the professional line cloth with silver? There is absolutely NO difference in the performance of the the e-cloths with and without silver. I use hot water and a bit of dish soap. It gives a little information on when you should launder your cloths. I just recently became a Norwex Consultant and really love the products I have used.

I still had some questions and most of these were answered on this site! Thank you bloggers for all the great questions! I was wondering about the story I heard about using the enviro cloth at a hospital. Supposedly they used the same wet cloth to clean like 10 table surfaces with MRSA, e coli, etc. I would recommend sticking with it — at least for another week. The thing is, your skin has to get used to this new way of cleaning. Most of the feedback I get about using the cloths on your face is similar — the first week or 10 days, people tend to break out but then it clears up and their skin is better than ever.

The body cloths are used more to exfoliate and can be drying on your skin. I hope this helps. Keep me posted on what happens over the next week or so. Hello, I own several Norwex products and am very happy with all of them. I was under the impression that they have that same effect on the surfaces you are using them on.

I think that will answer your questions, but if not, pop me another note here. Thanks so much for your quick response. So, are your surfaces i. One of the demos at the Norwex party I hosted, the consultant rubbed raw chicken on my kitchen counter, tested it with a test swab to show the bacteria present, wiped the counter with the cloth, then tested it again and it showed no more bacteria present. Heidi — I think the best way to explain it is to tell you to forget about the antibac well, for a minute anyway feature of the Enviro Cloth.

Think of it just as a very good microfiber cloth. The Microfiber is doing the cleaning. For instance, your consultant showed you that the Enviro Cloth picked up all the bacteria from the chicken. All microfiber including Norwex picks up the bacteria and traps it.

The antibac works to kill any bacteria that is picked up by the cloth. It does NOT kill bacteria on the surface of your counter like chemical cleansers do. The mop is good but it IS pricey. Have you read my reviews here and here? Like our cloths, they pick up the bacteria and trap it. Kate, thanks for your response — yep -using my enviro cloth damp on the wall!

Christeena — I had a thought… perhaps the Micro Hand Pad would work on the urine spots. Kate, Thanks for getting back to me! Also, took my cloths over to my aunts to clean her fireplace glass and it worked great but now the BLACK cresote and soot does not want to completely leave my cloth!

And she had just cleaned the glasses yesterday so they were not even nearly as dirty as they can get! I just boiled my cloth with a dab of Dawn and it helped some but there is still black on my lovely blue cloth!

Christeena — the urine is a mystery to me. Honestly, I can always get it off the walls with no problem. You could also try boiling it with a bit of laundry detergent. If you are cleaning fireplace glass, a great non toxic trick is to use wet ashes! Take a wet paper towel, dab it in the whitest ashes in your fireplaces and scrub away! Use a clean wet paper towel to wipe off any leftovers. THEN use your good cloths. Renee — wow, this is good to know.

Always glad to hear ways to prevent staining in my cloths. It is amazing what it cleans with just water. I just tried to tackle my bathroom walls around the stool where several little boys missed and I did not catch it quickly and now it is dried on there but good! It is a faux finish wall so strong chemicals have never been an option! The Enviro cloth has always wiped it up for me. I have a question about the Norwex green dryer balls.

I got my first set over a year ago and within 10 months, one ball was breaking apart. I got free replacements and have now been using these for a few months and now I just discovered one of these balls breaking in half. I have a friend who used her dryer balls for two years without anything going wrong. Any ideas of why this happens? In the meantime, I would suggest that you contact the consultant that you bought them through and request another replacement.

Michelle — Norwex cloths are like a magnet to lint. The fibers expand with heat so most of the lint will gradually be removed the next few times you put the cloth in the dryer. Some people tie their cloths inside a pillowcase obviously not a fleece or flannel one!

They seem to be very similar to Norwex at a more affordable price… Thank you!! It does a great job but I find it does dry the skin on their face. For a toddler with eczema, you may want to stick to the makeup removal cloth for the body too. I always suggest boiling it for a while. Unfortunately this is a side effect of having great microfiber. I use the dish washing liquid and like it. Same with the dryer balls.

Some people really like it. I keep meaning to add more reviews but time gets away from me. If you have any questions on any of these products, let me know. Funny you should ask about e-cloth. Stay tuned — i hope to post it in the very near future. I am extremely dissapointed in the increase in price in the Laundry soap. When I was introduced to Norwex I was extremely pleased with the product and I passed this on to co workers, family and friends. We have a group of up to about 20 people and one of the products most of us purchased was the laundry soap.

When the consultant inquired about the increase indicating patrons were unhappy this was the response: No decision is ever made at Norwex without us having first considered how it affects our consultants, their families, and our customers. Someone needs to attend marketing I also just had a customer today call me to re-order laundry detergent and decided to cancel her order when I told her the change so I understand your concern completely.

I have worked real hard over the past 6 years marketing the laundry detergent and now it is going to be really hard to keep marketing it because of the price increase.

Thanks so much for your email. I and others will definately NOT purchase the laundry soap with the above attitudes!!!!!!!!!! As well I will forward this to as many as possible. Barb — thank you for your comment re: The cleaning solutions and skin care products are wonderful but the price makes them out of reach to the average consumer. Even with my consultant discount, I am unable to afford them.

I purchashed some norwex kitchen cloths and forgot that they should be washed separatetly from clothes. They were washed with plain detergent with no fabric softener or bleach though.

Since then I have washed them separate and let them air dry but they do have a smell to them. I was told that the fibers from the clothes probably got into the cloths which is why they smell. You CAN wash them with no-lint items like jeans but try to avoid throwing them in with towels and fleecy clothes like what I did. In any case, I would suggest boiling the cloths with a bit of dish soap or laundry detergent.

Boil them for minutes, drain the water then boil again without any detergent. The boiling will open up the fibers and release any lint and dirt. You can hang them to dry but Norwex actually suggests drying them in the dryer. I ordered the starter kit and have only used it to clean glass shower doors, mirrors, glass tables, and bathroom vanities. Welcome to the wonderful world of quality microfiber! Norwex cloths are safe for all types of cleaning.

For polishing glassware and silver, I recommend the Suede Envirotowel. It makes dusting small ornamental items, baskets, blinds, fabrics very easy. As for leather furniture. Norwex has a new product — Leather Shine Bees Wax — that many people have commented favourably on.

I just wanted to provide you with an update here as e-cloth has a fantastic cloth made specifically for polishing glassware. Another thought regarding excema, could the makeup removal clothes be a good subsitute for washclothes for my girls? I really like the idea of just being able to wash them with just water but wanting to know if this would be enough. My girls are allergic to dust mites which manifests in excema.

I was wanting to know a little more about the techenical workings of the product and where do the micro organizims come from? I was also wondering if the baby body pack would be recommended for their skin? Or any other products that would be helpful for their situation. If you need more than that, let me know. I would definitely recommend the makeup removal cloths as they give a thorough cleaning without drying and are gentle on the skin.

I also have a couple of skin care products that you might find work nicely. The Shea Butter deeply moisturizes and relieves the itch of dry skin. Also great site, I have found it to be very useful. Especially the 30 day enviro cloth challenge. Could you repost or email it? I never had a problem with our mattress in the past. I usually vacuumed it every time I flipped it and otherwise just left it alone. I got the Norwex Mattress Cleaner free.

Otherwise I never would have gotten it. I once a saw a review of it about someone who got night sweats. They said they started using the mattress cleaner and the sweats stopped. Personally I find that hard to believe — but you never know. I use the Nowex products and love them all. I use the enviromental cloth for all cleaning projects with water, and feel it really works well.

I wiped down the stainless apliances and finish with the polishing cloth, and love the results. I also use the body cloth and make-up remover clothm and feel my skin is much softer, and do not need to use lotions And no i am not a Norwex cosultant or have interest in the company, just a stasfied customer. As stated above I attended my 1st party about 2 weeks ago and was very impressed.

But I was talking to my sister and she told me about a competitor and their cloths are about half the price. Thanks for your comments. I fully understand what you mean about the price. Even as a consultant, I find the prices high but the products are extremely well made and last a long time. As for the toilet cleaner and paste. I love the paste and like the toilet cleaning solution but absolutely hate the brush what a saleswoman I am, hey?

I have acne and combination skin type. I am also concerned about wrinkles. Are there norwex products that would work for this? And if so what line would work best. I am 35yrs old and have a busy schedule.

Great question although it sounds a bit loaded. Are you a Norwex Consultant by any chance? I always recommend the Makeup Removal Cloth for problem or any type! It is gentle on skin and will clean your face with just water. Some people have mentioned that it takes a couple of weeks for your skin to get used to this new way of cleaning i. Some people really love it mostly Norwex Consultants that get a discount on them , others find the results less than thrilling.

Not a great sales pitch, I know, but I do thrive to be honest! Hello, I just bought some products. If we find that we need to continue to use our old detergent with fabirc softner, then it sounds like we need to wash our cloths separate?

That will be a very small load and wasterful on water. You can wash your cloths in the sink with a bit of dish soap. Your Norwex cloths will last you a long time as long as you take care of them. Think of them as an investment. Hello, I have just recently been introduced to Norwex. I have a question regarding the descaler. It did a wonderful job on my very difficult shower my husband even commented and stubborn ring from hard water on the toilet.

It does say keep off of skin which of course I read after using, but do I need to be concerned with having artifical nails acrylic will it cause them to lift? Should gloves be worn with products? I have gotten it on my skin without it bothering me at all, though.

I recently bought some Norwex products and stumbled across these comments. They are super informative—thank you! Would you use your EnviroCloth to, say, clean up a puddle of pee left from your potty-training toddler? After rinsing it off, can you immediately use it again or do you have to wait for it to dry? There are 2 things to remember when cleaning areas or messes that are high in bacteria such as potties, around the toilet, raw meat juices, yogurt and dairy products: Hi I have loved my Norwex cloths and their ability to clean but recently sent them through the wash with Tide detergent.

Is there anything I need to do or can do to reverse the effects? Or is it OK to just to keep using them? Thanks in advance for the information. If you accidentally wash your Norwex cloths with a detergent that contains fillers, or if you accidentally use fabric softener, you can:.

I now have a rash on my neck…have you hear of this happening to anyone before? It is not a break out…it is definitely a rash. Could I be allergic to the silver in the cloths? Sorry to hear about the rash.

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