Imperial Cleaning Review – This Site Is Running An Elaborate Scam

Professional hockey is just as much a scam as the other pro sports.

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Boris Dzhingarov, 12 September Bogus Rustenburg doctor sentenced to 20 years in prison. Former Free State Health employee arrested. SA's fraud blocker saves lenders R2. Vicky Abrahams, 25 August Staff Writer, 16 August Pinetown mortuary worker arrested for fraud. Sanelisiwe Tsinde, 2 August KZN has highest proportion of fraud in false documents, study finds.

Patients plan to sue hospital over bogus doctor. Nabeelah Shaikh, 30 July Gauteng police arrest 1 over the weekend.

UJ investigation underway into alleged fraud by officials. SAFPS throws light on typical fraudster characteristics. The fight against crime in South Africa requires collaboration.

Fikile Mbalula, 24 July New Sim-swap and Internet banking fraud warning in South Africa. NCR warns against 'pawn your car and drive it' scheme. Jessica Anne Wood, 20 July Rustenburg doctor who defrauded the Compensation Fund sentenced. Mine warns against employment fraud. Ntabisheng Moloi, 14 July Reduce your risk of identity theft. Investment scheme owners disappears with all the money. Siphelele Nketo, 14 July SAP opens probe into South African unit kickback reports.

Advocate in court on fraud charge. Pretoria night club cashiers arrested for fraud. Beware of fake job listings. Fire thousands of nurses who cheated. Justice department worker arrested for million-rand municipal fraud.

Ensure workplace safety with criminal checks. Should temporary staff be screened? Alledged 'loan sharks' found with Sassa cards at ATM on payout day. Petrol attendant to be sentenced for skimming device. ANA, 31 May Syndicate scams online sellers. Ways to protect yourself against life or funeral insurance fraud.

Agri SA warns of scam. Economic crime soars in South Africa. My Broadband - Jan Vermeulen. Standard Bank building system to beat SIM-swap fraud. Matric certificate fraud shock in SA. ID theft — victim every two seconds. Are you sharing too much?

I had a former family doc tell me I was depressed and needed to be on Celexa. It took me ten years to learn that her diagnosis was flat wrong, and another year to gradually ween myself off that highly addictive garbage. The pharmaceutical scam is one that many doctors, who a lot of people think they can trust blindly, have bought into.

The first step in treating depression or depression like syndromes should be what James calls the Daily Practice. Frozen fruits and veggies are cheap and work great. Crossfit classes can teach you how to get a super intense workout with minimal gear and space. Take a few classes each work and do the rest at home.

Sleep 8 hours if you can manage it. Otherwise, just prioritize it after eating and exercising and as much as you can. The Pharma industry will deny this the data gets skewed because people drop out often so you have to account for that. A company I invest in has 10, brain scans of patients where the drugs worked for all the different varieties of depression.

They then take a new patient andmatch the brain scan against their database and prescribe the drug that mataches the best. I want in on that action…I mean…I want to learn more about this nifty super science. Where can I learn more?! Those steps are helpful for depression but in most cases they are not enough to cure this illness, which, like many other illnesses, must be treated with medication.

And some of the antidepressants are very good at treating it. Trade Schools are important: Where do you think the cloud exists? In the black mater of the universe. No, it sits in massive servers all over the world. These servers require construction workers to create the building. Then machinists, fabricators, welders and massive metal forming equipment construct the actual server housing. If anything technology has made trades more important than ever. The Illusion of freedom through, marriage, mortgage, career, k and retirement.

Religion is a HUGE scam. If you are a good little boy or girl that god will reward you when you are dead and if you are bad he will punish you some even believe he will torture and kill you. I would never harm my child ever. If a parent did that to their child, they would go to prison. Besides the fact that the majority of the religious stories are recycled over and over from history. That was going to be 1 on my list of scams! I used to think Social Security was the greatest Ponzi scheme ever.

A straw man is so easy to knock down, and faulty understanding of religion and faulty religion, for that matter is the most prolific straw-man factory there ever was. I joined the military which defends the freedoms of American citizens on US soil, rather than generally supporting overseas dictatorships, colonies, client states, and international corporate interests.

It would never violate the rights or liberties of its own citizens, or try to force them to believe or not believe something like the ever-evolving food pyramid, for instance , or imprison them for trying to protect their own money from excessive taxation. I will be vilified for this one…Feminism is a scam. NOW is a dinosaur. We crucify women who choose to stay home, who choose traditional gender roles etc… And I say this as some who works in Academia….

In not crucifying him, they crucified themselves. I have never felt scammed, as a woman, by a man liking sex. Not any man, not once, ever.

That Bill Clinton likes sex is his business, and you sound jealous, frankly. That he lied about it is another kettle of ethics. If a male boss Clinton sexually harasses a female subordinate Paula Jones and then lies about having sex with another female subordinate Monica in order to evade responsibility for the harassment…. I never said men liking sex was a scam, I said Femanism is a scam…and I used this as an example of why.

No matter the qualities of the person who behaved unethically they should always be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and beyond, no exceptions. I can see your point, though I am not sure I am ready to live in a world without any shades of grey in it, not just yet. The tenants of femanism are diametrically opposed to his actions. NOW stood behind him and his support among women in particular femanists increased. Is there anyone Clinton could have had sex with, besides Hillary of course, who would not have been called a subordinate at the time, regardless of their professional position?

I also find it surprising that women would seek to surround themselves with men of power, then act surprised when they act as powerful men do. How can you generalize about something like that?

Go read some books…. Being expected to be a wife, mother, housekeeper, hostess AND full time paid employee at Acme industries is definitely a scam. Not so much having it all as doing it all. All on your own. His point resounds even better now. I absolutely agree with Betmo. Feminism has worked beautifully, and exactly as intended: It has driven wages down by nearly doubling the workforce.

Createspace will let you be anonymous. But you should call and ask. They have excellent customer service. Somehow let us know when the book comes out. The environmental movement in America is largely a scam. Stressing over your food comes from as if transporting food were some sort of crime. The purpose of the environemtal movement with a few exceptions is to solicit donations for environmental organizations and provide nice jobs for the people that staff them.

My editor, who was really an assistant to an editorial assistant, wrote an entire note saying this was ridiculous and needed to be taken out. She was furious with me, refused to meet me when i came to the office for meetings, etc. I refused to take it out. They left it in. Meanwhile, lives are saved with the greenest energy of all: Marriage also is a hard one. I like being married but almost all the trappings around it the notion of an expensive wedding, for instance and diamond rings, etc have the feeling of scam around them.

Reality TV is almost like an FU to the consumer. But people eat it up rather than reading a good book. Books are not a scam but the book industry is. Its a shame how publshing has not caught up with modern technology. Its only hurt authors, bookstores, readers, and ultimately the publishers themselves. Thanks for raising this topic James. I have to agree with the war on drugs; the war on terror and the ridiculous charade of airport security you have to tolerate in the U.

It truly lends credence to my prior post of abolishing the Presidency. Why are we in Libya right now, for instance. Or anywhere we have military in ountries even though the last legal was was declared in When I was growing up, our sports consisted of playing games in the front yard using an old bicycle tire as the ball. Now kids are pressured to play for elite traveling teams that cost thousands of dollars and destroy any possibility of a descent family life.

The end result is that, instead of living a descent life with your family, and learning how to enjoy the best years of your life, you are on the road every weekend with 6 kids packed in the car going to exotic places like Turlock, California for the big tournament. They will run from all organized activities and dread any form of commitment. Somehow playing kickball in the street and riding your bike around the block and even playing touch football in a field has disappeared and an entire ecosystem of expensive kid activities that require planning, driving, and money, has taken its place.

The last 3 weelends have been away tournies including 3hrs plus travel time to destination and hotel reservation costs. Seriously, you have no idea how rediculously ticked off am am about it all. I never had the time or money for soccer or any of the other sports teams for my kids. They felt deprived at the time but look back now and realize they did other things on their own instead like explore the woods. What I have encountered in the youth sports community is despicable.

Better off without it. I think the way you can get Wall St Analysts to not be a scam is to require them to put serious money in every stock they recommend. Then I bet a lot of ratings would change. They seem to have as much accountability as a weather reporter. There are too many to read, so sorry if this was already said… Bond Ratings and Bond Insurance. Take municipal bonds as an example. Maybe 2 or 3 municipal bonds out of 10,s or more have not paid cents on the dollar even Orange County, the biggest municipal bankruptcy in history, paid back ccents on the dollar.

And yet companies make a zillion insuring municipal bonds. I can go on about this and about bond rating agencies.

I wrote an article for a major newspaper abotu what they should do with the rating agencies but the article got cancelled. Bonds should be rated on yield alone i. Personally, I think the object should be to rate the scam…which of all the scams mentioned is the greatest scam of them all? I will leave out my defense of my position but I think this would be a better object.

Since most of us need to work in order to survive no one should be taxed on their labor. Ethically it is plain wrong. We can all choose to buy a cheaper car or live in a smaller house, eat less expensive food and thus make our choices accordingly. But we all must work. Time working should not be taxed. Look on a torrent site. It explains the word games that the governments in the U. The news might be the biggest one of them all. I have probably mentioned this here before, but my father works for one of the big three news networks.

Borders in Australia is already gone. Its huge stores killed the other stores before it killed itself with lack of focus and really high prices. Twice what you pay in the US. They are the same! Big money pretending to keep fat white people safe from the brown people smoking plants. Judges have absolute power and are self regulated and a bad one will ruin hundreds if not thousands of lives and have total immunity.

That judge who was taking kickbacks for sending kids to prison.. Or the one that was jerking off at rape trials? A paramilitary force, period. Notice how police uniforms look like those in Nazi germany. You are a scam! You make money working on hedge funds and then tell us not to invest. Ha, ok, I agree with everything except me. The FDA combined with the insurance company has become our de factor doctors and yet they hate us. Things that are not scams: Even if you hate it, it is infinitely important to human civilization, culture, and happiness in countless ways.

Most of all, rigorous mathematics study develops the brain like nothing else and I hate math. Just the study of latin develops your brain plus giving a person a huge advantage in modern western language grammar and word origins, esp. A great life enhancer. Card games, chess, memory games. Not only fun but helpful. As someone else mentioned: One of the great non-scams of all: What is better than a huge laugh that lasts for 10 minutes and hurts your gut and face?

The best senses of humor are usually found in intelligent people, so all the above I mentioned contribute to the development of a great sense of humor. Humor spreads love everywhere. I agree with everything you said. I think if you learn ANY latin language its just as good as going to the source. Except nobody speaks Latin but many speak Spanish.

And yes, Humor is not a scam. When you laugh, it comes from the heart. It will help you immeasurably in medical school and law school. The grammar of Latin helps develop your brain much like math. A year or so of Latin in late elementary or middle school puts kids at a huge advantage later. But I agree that it is definitely not for everybody. The reason for my sales pitch is that Latin is not a scam.

If you want what it has to offer and you put in the time, it will most certainly deliver, as with the other things I mentioned. It basically works like insurance. You give money, and in most cases, you never get that money back. But it was marketed to you as free money. James, Love your writings hated you on Yahoo clips with Henry and Aaron though. Do you still guest there? This has revolutionized advertising and made print directories obsolete. Reading your article reminded me of Ryan Holiday, and I think you would understand what he means in this article: I have a stolen quote for you, by the same man, my favorite author, Ryan Holiday: No girls with hula hoops, but pertinent to the post.

I think post-capitalism is real capitalism. I think about this stuff all the time. People live in this world blindly and refuse to see things for what they really are. What is NOT a scam. Meaningful relationships based on unconditional love. It requires sacrifice, love, selflessness and becoming vulnerable. It only works when we are honest and willing to work at it.

Also, true honest selfless giving is NOT a scam. If you give of your time, money, energy, love or many other things we tend to NOT want to give…especially to those who do not ask and for those who want no recognition. I have found very little of either of these non-scams in my 38 years. I live my life so it centers around these two things because I believe we are not hear to be drones…but instead to give of ourselves for GOOD.

When I had enough money to go out for lunch daily and buy nice things…I might buy my buddies lunch. They didnt ask, but I felt like giving that day. I remember thinking…nobody does this for me…but whatever. Years later, when I was the one who could barely pay rent let alone go out, I had friends who did this for me and i never asked.

Karma, God, whatever you want to call it…. You ask the real difficult question: You mention honest selfless giving and I think this is true but rare which is why its not a scam. The entire medical industry has issues. But I really wonder if they thought we were taking these obscure antibiotics recreationally or selling them on the street somehow. Just one link in the chain of a massive scam.

Truly there is not much difference between scammers and the tick that bit Claudia I hope she is feeling better. When it comes down to it everything is a scam as the human race is barely much more than a parasite on this planet.

I think it is more important to discern who is not an intentional scammer rather than what or what is not a scam. I believe that selfless giving is a scam. Short of taking a bullet for someone and dying in the process are there really any selfless acts? I would argue that almost everything you do is selfish even if that act mostly helps others. Our judicial system is a scam. If you have enough money to pay for a good lawyer, who golfs or dines with the District Attorney or their officers you stand a good chance of getting off completely or with a very reduced sentence.

If you attempt to address the Judge with reason and logic, but without legal representation, the chances are you will end up being found guilty. Speeding tickets are a scam. The are supposed to be in the interests of safety. But they are just revenue vehicles for government. This may be your best post yet, James. Add fad diets to the list of scams: Get on with your life.

Buying a diamond for an engagement ring is a scam thought up by DeBeers. Two hundred years ago no one did it. Who do you think came up with that? If you liked it then you shoulda put a — transgenerational indoctrination marketed by a tyrannical englishman who invaded a country and named it after himself so he could among other things sell you their diamonds and make you believe that the enslaved kids and ruined families it took to bring it out of the ground symbolizes everlasting love — on it.

Teachers are a scam. I am a high school teacher in South Florida. We like to call ourselves professionals. No one else does. I have come to the realization that we are pawns for the system and the district tells us what and how to teach. We are assembly line workers. We are charged with keeping kids occupied until they are Then we can arrest them. I read them all. I am 42 years old, must be our age group. For me it all went down hill when Michael Hutchence killed himself.

She only cares that it sits at the foot of my bed. I want a stroller for my dog. Dont get your exercise by jumping to conclusions. Remember me over some pints down at the pub. Scam the folks who can least afford it, the tuition-paying parents of college kids. Even worse in science, mathematics, and engineering. Did the laws of physics change since last semester? Did the nature of matter and energy change?

As a physics grad, I can tell you that ALL undergrad physics has not changed in the last 40 years. I had a prof who wrote one of the popular accounting books. When I was in his class his book was on version 7. He required version 4 or 5 for his class.

Publishers are now getting around the profit-killing used book sales. They offer professors interactive web site access for homework and other class activities. Total scam, because the school has Blackboard available to all the faculty for assignments, etc. We stay in jobs we hate and fail to do the million things we would love to do because of it. We have been conditioned to believe that it provides security and the scare-machine constantly reinforces the catastrophic, disastrous, worst-case scenario.

It is through that fear that we allow others to control us. Our society has created a series of traps to keep the average person enslaved. Those who were able to free themselves from mortgages, car payments, credit card bills and student loans are told that they can never be free because they should always have health insurance. But health insurance did not exist a few generations ago.

I would like to live in a world where we do not need to worry about receiving medical care. Other countries have systems that work. Our system is broken. So now I just focus on staying healthy. If more people opted out it would add to the pressure but so many people are too afraid or too sick to do this.

Insurance companies are in the business for paying for least amount of care they can get away with paying for. Doctors are in the business for prescribing as many treatments and procedures as they think they can get reimbursed for. In the meantime I hear you can get good heart surgery at one third the price in places like India and Thailand.

Hit em where it really hurts: In many cases with care and maintenance they last much longer. What the car companies pay their suppliers a few dollars for at vehicle assembly, will cost you hundreds of dollars to purchase as a replacement. The vast minority of extended warranty programs purchased are ever used by the purchaser.

It is pure profit for the retailer. Cars are so thoroughly tested for durability and reliability nowadays that there should be no good reason, other than design flaw or lack of maintenance, that they should break or wear out prematurely.

On the other end, household appliances and electronics are so cheaply made and sold that they are virtually throwaway items. The automotive industry, just like the clothing industry, is a scam. Nobody needs a car with aluminum mag wheels, leather seats and HP V8 engine — its all just to appeal to egos in need of bolstering. All forms of government are scams. None of them are there to benefit the people. They are there to benefit the State. Sure, a police force is useful for keeping us and our property safe.

But every government theory Republic, Democracy, Communism, Socialism, etc. The idea that police protect you or your property is also a scam. Police serve and protect the state, and are an essential part of the scam of government. I really wanna say something bold and incisive about the airline industry being a scam.

People forget now the multi-billion-dollar federal bailout that the airline companies received after September 11th. Uses less fuel, is less weather-dependent, is more on-time, and is a lot harder to run into a building. OK, this is just coming off the top of my head now: I LOVE Greek Yogurt, but I hate that I pay an exorbitant premium for what is essentially regular yogurt which has been strained through cheesecloth, presumably by some high-volume industrial method, to remove excess water.

Check the labels, Raj. Most of the new so-called Greek yougurts are made by the big North-American food conglamerates. The sooner people realize this the better. A myth to feed a scam. My condo is very messy inside, even after I clean. They cleaned every single visible interior surface, including the cupholders and headliner, and even a tiny discoloration which had transferred off a blue plastic bag I had been using for trash.

The results were astounding, and because I had it done in Detroit, it was relatively cheap. Cleaning products, however, are a scam. One even discolored the chrome finish on my bath faucet. Now I clean my tub, shower tile, sinks, and countertops with baking soda and a damp cloth.

The shine is incredible. The consumer economy — total scam. A Walmart worker buying a hamburger at McDonalds does not an economy make. Consumerism and service based economies are total scams that just breed all the other scams you encounter in your life….

Anyone can do these things. Anyone can get fit. YOU can do more than you think, just quit believing that you are not capable. Auctions are a scam. For some reason I love watching auction shows on TV: But I cannot come to grips with the notion that the auction process starts with a price that goes up.

And oh yeah, I have to pay a non-refundable fee to participate. I am a professional auctioneer. Admittedly, what TV is doing to auction via Auction Hunters, Storage Wars etc — same thing that Road Show did to honest appraisers is annoying, but the auction process is much less a scam than the set pricing in real estate.

While there are other models, that is the proper way to open an auction. I have never seen any auction that required a non refundable fee to participate. If I saw such, I would never return to that auction. I know Barrett Jackson auctioneers and they are straight shooters.

Any auction is only as straight as the participants. Bidders run more scams than sellers. Like any sort of Broker, there are legit auctioneers and the other kind. Many products and concepts are not scams by themselves, but the ways that people market them and make money from them are scams. Like Gym itself is not scam, but the devils in the membership terms and the ways that the staff force you to make 5-year prepayment are definitely scams. Recall your past experience.

These are the best ways to avoid scams. I think democracy is a scam…this illusion of freedom that we supposedly have… -anything related to banking is a scam… -the organic foods industry i have been told is a scam -the weighloss industry -reality shows the pharmaceutical companies and how many doctors today get taught and operate is a scam.

But what about networking? Ethanol — subsidize the farmers then burn the food to make oil. This must be the number one idiotic non-green measure of the decade. The best scam ever: Child Support Services, especially against Single Males. It happened to 2 of my good guy friends. When I threw away my last can 5 years ago I was shocked to find there were absolutely no repercussions. I was scammed for so long. Water was all I ever needed. As usual I leave this page with some new thoughts.

SO what isnt a scam? The transformative power of love. It seems like if you throw enough money at something it ends up being a scam. It is a money making scheme by the manufacturers of chemotherapy and radiation machines. We are not winning. We now have screening tests that are so subtle that they can detect cancerous cells that never would turned into cancer anyway. This happens all the time with breast cancer.

The cancer juggernaut rolls on on on….. Two decks of cards would be good — one for scams, one for not scams. Funny how most of us spend so much focus on the scams and little focus on the not scams.

Is marriage a scam? Marriage is definitely a scam. It is fine for some but it is not a one size fits all thing. It is sold that way though. An even bigger scam is the wedding. Marriage is not a scam. It is the initiation of family which I think is ultimately the most important aspect of our life.

I think there needs to be more leeway given to people in marriage. If people were more flexible, more marriages would stand the test of time. The idea of marriage is fine, but unfortunately in our society, being married changes personal rights and benefits. A mild objection to that idea, just my feelings, I was Air Force for 20yrs. I would never have joined a service that might have changed its mind and assigned me to fighting from fox holes, or six-month sessions at sea.

As for the redundancy, some times, a little competition in the form of inter-service rivalry is a good thing. How about not using electronic devices on airplanes at take off and touch down? Vegas is a scam. Those suckers on the street constantly tapping their hooker flyers piss me off. Obviously this means that they create bogus female profiles that are then uploaded to their website. Why are they doing this?

There are a couple of answers to that question. The first one being that Local Temptation isn't really a dating site. Yes there are thousands of men who join but the amount of females joining this site is very low. This doesn't work too well if the men joining the site think they're going to be able to meet women for casual encounters.

So to make it seem more enticing they create fake profiles of women only. These profiles seem real. The profiles have everything you would see in a regular profile including photos, age, location, occupation and so on. But they are dishonest, untruthful and are making a dating site look real when it's not. And since the website is confessing to the fact that they create fictitious profiles who are we to argue with them, obviously it's true. These people are really despicable. They are actually stealing photographs from various sources online and from there they create fake profile Pages.

The people in these photographs have no clue that their pictures are being used on local Temptation. Not only is that illegal it's shameful. Also, how would you feel if all the sudden you saw your picture plastered on a hook-up site without your consent?

What they're doing is completely illegal. You can't just copy peoples pictures and then use them for whatever you want especially on a casual sex dating service. Many of the photographs being stolen are of amateur porn models and we doubt they would be pleased to know that their photographs are being used on this site.

Below are just a few examples of who knows how many stolen profile photos. Stolen photo being used to create a virtual profile. Unfortunately they just they don't stop at making up fake girls. The next part of their deception is with the computer software programs they like to use to send people automated email messages to the people who join their site.

It's very simple to understand how it works. You join Local Temptation and shortly thereafter you will start receiving messages. However, if you try and email the person or reply to any email messages you will automatically be redirected to a secondary page where you must purchase a paid membership so that you can communicate with other members on the site including the fake women. And of course all the automated emails are being sent from the fake virtual profiles that they are behind.

It's a double whammy, you receive fake email messages and the emails are coming from non-existent female members. This is all about money. The people behind this will do everything in their power including lying and tricking anyone they can into buying a paid subscription so they can make recurring monthly fees.

How would you feel if you bought a membership on a dating site only to find out that the person you were chatting with wasn't who they say they are, AND they're actually being paid to sit and chat with you?

Unfortunately that's the exact scenario being played out on LocalTemptation. This is completely verified if you take the time and read the terms and conditions page where they state that they hire and employ people who interact with you as part of their compensated employment. Is it a fraud? The answer has to be yes to both of those questions. How can a dating site hire people to pretend to be interested in looking for a date, when they are actually paid to chat?

This should be a clear-cut case of fraud. There is absolutely no way that it's ok and justified to make a dating site and hire a staff of people who are paid to talk to members. It's trickery at its worst! This is going to make you laugh and make you angry all the same time. When we were reading the terms and conditions we came across a very telling statement that states that "the creation of fake profiles that do not describe you are prohibited". But on that same page they themselves admit that they create fictitious profiles!

Talk about a double standard! How is it okay for a dating site to create fake profiles but you are not allowed. How about this, no one should be creating fake profiles especially the owners of a dating site who are intimately involved in creating thousands of fictitious profiles on their own website. You can read the statement in section F.

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