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Revealing The Truth About Scams (REVIEW)

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Women, is your husband no longer able turn you on? Men, is your wife is cold in bed? Married dating is just the thing you need to spice up your married life! CheatingCougars is the site where every playful married man or married woman can find new partners for steamy affairs and fun. Is it really safe to start dating with married people at our dating site?

CheatingCougars is an absolutely safe place for extramarital affairs, so not a living soul will know about your intrigues! CheatingCougars, where extramarital affairs happen for real! If you are lacking flirt and gaze devouringly at all the naughty-looking ladies while you're out with your wife, rush to register at CheatingCougars to enjoy dating married women! Stop fantasizing about how it would be to get laid with a cute girl in a provocative mini-skirt living in your Neighbourhood.

Gain pleasure from real dating at this dating site. Married dating is much easier if you cheat, so do it at CheatingCougars! CheatingCougars, change your married life and start dating in a minute!

Attorney General is but one click away…your site is nothing more than a scam and a bad one at that. Did you get a reply from Cougars. Hi Read so many comments and today told them refund or I will get them investigated. Half an hour ago I got a message: You have been refunded! Here is proof that this is a scam site… it is all bots..

Stay away from this scam. I suspected it wasn't real based on the online cupid instant messages that made no sense. Some of the women were also too good to be true. One trick I have been using is watching for the ways to pay in order to sign up. Most of the legit sites have you paying into PayPal, which is heads and shoulders above handing over all your credit card or bank information to a sleazy organization if they can be called that.

I f at any time you choose not to be scammed and squeezed for money, you let PayPal that that site or it's affiliates are dropped and blocked. Trouble is you get on one site and then you're Connected to the other ! Just told them refund Orville will get you investigated. I should do that to all the sites. COM you will hear from attorney genral and lawer. These web sites include Over40Only. Another scam…i made a mistake signing uo and also for porn platinum, which I didn'y know I wss getting.

I actually got a message from a cougar and sent her messages too for a brief moment then it requested that i upgraded,it wasnt a generated reply because she asked me things and i did the same but she wouldnt reply to my email address. We have done a full investigation into CheatingCougars.

Just commenting on cheating cougars. Good bye to the cheating cougars website and all the fake bitches. So good luck to all the new suckers that will lose their money here. As you all have said, this is a total scam but to take things a step further, I haven't found a legit site yet claiming to be a adult hook-up site yet that is real.

I don't understand how there can be so many sites that are all fraudulent. Where can a guy go online anymore just to find a real woman to have some mutually beneficial fun, whatever floats your boat? Honestly, and I'm not trying to sound like some player but less than 10 years ago or so, you could find countless women just in chat rooms who would be more than willing to sex chat, have phone sex and plenty who were more than willing to meet in person for a hook-up.

The first two options didn't even take much effort, the nsa hook-ups took a good deal of time cultivating the relationships through an actual dating website, my experience was on match. I recently read info through Google for the top 10 legit sites to meet women to hook-up for nsa sex and they listed match. I have not joined the site but I have like over 70 unread emails, it seems the women over 50 don't have any issues making the first move to go after what they want.

As I write this out I'm asking myself why am I even wasting my time looking at this cheating Cougars farse of a site. I should join ourtime. I hope I was able to offer some suggestions for the guys out there to find some real women actually looking to meet real men.

I think the men need to stick together to try and reduce the fraud taking place and hopefully by spreading the word as a united front we can prevent other guys from being tricked into joining these bogus sites that are stealing money from every single man out there who pays to join.

The sad thing is to imagine just how many guys out there are actually paying memberships to these sites and guys don't kid yourselves, these sites wouldn't survive if they aren't making money and there wouldn't be so many of these sites if it wasn't lucrative for them to operate. With all the class action suits that exist in the courts I'm actually surprised there isn't some firm trying to do something.

If if any guys out there read my post and have any success with meeting women online, please share the good fortune, I am open to suggestions.

This is part of what I meant by guys sticking together and looking out for each other with so many fraudulent sites and so few real sites, share the wealth, there is more than enough women out there to go around. So off that note, whats the fucking point? The trouble is there are far more men than women on these sites. Ashley Madison has worked for me but need to chat to a lot of women before you have any luck, and only one in 25 or 30 replies Unless you're George Clooney.

Better to go on the sites for straight dating as opposed to sex because there are probably more women on those and always some who are keen for as fling — you just need to apend more time chatting to them to see how they respond first. And I think just like you bruh…. I'm glad I'm not alone. They are all a scam, every dating site and fuck site.

My suggestion to you: Get out and meet real people in real time!! I'm sick of these scammers taking peoples money and giving nothing but shit in return. I've never paid to be on any site and I would not. Most of the men and women on those sites are from another country, if they are real to be begin with. They are mostly from Gahna…LOL…. I am over dollars in charges for their 69 dollar membership. Nothing but a bunch of thieving bastards. Profiles are all fake!!!!!! I am not from a foreign country.

I reside on the West Coast in the Pacific Northwest. Home is about an hour south of Seattle and I have made connections with people men and women on this site who live in and around the area. I'm not sure how so many of you guys think the women or the profiles are fake. K and Canada, most people may not know this but Canada actually has the best laws when it comes protecting consumers. When I got scammed and had to cancel my credit card it was from a company located in Cyprus to this very day I still get spam emails because of scam dating website I signed up for.

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