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Oil Rig engineer for dating scam

Jul 31, Rating From begger to blackmailer?

Have faith we can do this together. Sep 18, Rating Had 4 scammers so far. Been talked to on word with friends by four scammers so far. Never sent them anything. Don't remember the fourth ones name.

I did pretend I sent an iTunes card. Thought he'd give up when it didn't arrive for his son, but he didn't. I just played with him. Here is the name he gave me to send a check too when the itune card didn't arrive. Luckily I don't buy their garbage. I did have fun jerking their chain for awhile. Please, ladies do not fall for these men.

The broken English should give you a clue. Sep 18, Rating To stupid 70 by: Anonymous Oh your not alone as I am in the same position feeling stupid and used etc. We all want to be loved and this lot know how to play us so we fall hook line and sinker! Its when reality starts creeping in the pain starts,and the realisation that you have been used so appallingly. Dont be too sad and remember that you are not alone.

Sep 18, Rating Been hit by 4 scammersi by: Myers I am 71 and have had 4 scammers so far. I guess I am lucky as I don't fall for their BS.

I do string them along to see what they want. All say the same thing. Don't buy it ladies. Sep 17, Rating Philip by: Anonymous To the lady who believes this Philip is in love with you.

He is the same scammer I had. As you said they do not need money to fly off the Rig. I talked to this lady that got scammed over 15 grand from him, I did not lose as much as she did. Oh yes he wanted to get married as soon as he came home to me and he was going to give me all my money Back.

I am sorry you're hurting but you need to get rid of him Fast because it will not stop. He knows how to play on Women's feelings and knows exactly what to say we want to hear. Please for your own sake delete him, Block him. And giving him your cell number I would get that changed too for he can use that. Sad he is still at it. Tell him Sunshine said hello he will know.

Take care and God Bless. Sep 17, Rating Stupid 70 by: Anonymous Mark Gaspar is my scammer markgaspar gmail. On the oil rig Kittiwake. Met on FB then moved to Hangouts. Texted four times a day, sometimes 5, and called me once a week or so. Exchanged pix, he was my king, I was his queen, Poems, sweet talker, elaborate slide-show, extra pix of flowers, candies, etc. Daughter in Seton Catholic boarding school, Alandre even received emails from her. Mark's agent Carol J. Weston Bay View Dr.

Mark gave me his acct , ID code and password and yes it showed it all in there. Last Cashier check went to a Halifax Bank in Woolwich, London, that one was signed for at front desk, but the person it was intended for hasn't cashed it yet. I have to wait 3 months to place a STP maybe get some back? Very elaborate, yes there were red flags, but I was so in love with him, and still am.

He was so good, on point, and knew what to say no matter what the situation was. Put a tell-all out on FB so all my friends and family would not friend him and delete but they have thank God. I am so ashamed!! Sep 16, Rating Philip by: CJ To the lady that posted about Philip please realize you are being scammed big time. Block and delete that loser, pick up the pieces of your life and move on.

It happened to me too and like you I was heart broken. Now I'm angry but have moved on. I wish you the best! Anonymous Watch out for these guys they are scammers. They will tell you that they are out on a rig and having trouble with equipment and will need money. They will pay you on their return to the states. They always need Itune cards.

Then they will need money to get the crew off the platform with helicopters. Which will take thousands. These guys are smooth talkers and say all the things you would like to hear and they fall madly in love with you in no time and make promises of marriage and happily ever after.

Don't fall for it ladies. It will not only cost you money but it will break your heart. I was taken in and I'm ashamed about it and I have met another nice lady that was taken by one of these guys as well and we are friends now and we want to warn everyone we can so they don't get hurt in the same manner by these scumbags.

If they want your email and phone number right away and they start to tell you how much they love you and can't live without you they are scammers. Sep 16, Rating re: Anonymous I am so sorry to say but you are being scammed. Unfortunately many of us are educated women who have fallen for these scum bags. They know what to say to make you feel like the most special person on this earth. There are a lot of videos on You Tube out there about this.

They all use the same stories, etc. I sent money to a women down in that area also. You are not alone out there. All of us following this page have fallen prey. Sep 16, Rating Clinton Anderson by: He sent me a picture of him when he was WWFs picture is more recent. Fell in love with me when he first saw me. His machine broke down and he needed money. Sep 16, Rating Phillip by: Anonymous I have been talking to Phillip for about eight months now.

He is trying to get money out of me ever since a month of us meeting. First he said that he needed money for his contract tax levy. Gave me an agents name acting as the BP oil platform safe House. I contacted her and she knew that I was supposed to be sending money. She was a realtor who used to live in Orlando area. I confronted Phillip who called me through duo and video chatted with me.

He is white from Australia and he looked just like the picture he sent me. He always asked for iTunes cards. At one point I remember saying to myself this guys on my weekly payroll.

I lost that job and now I cry as I have no money. He told me to drive to Louisiana and go to the BP oil helicopter pad. He was texting me and excited he was to start his life with me.

I was so excited nothing could stop me from going to pick him up. The woman at the BP helicopter pad was so nice and looked up to see if he was scheduled to fly out that day but they could not find his name anywhere. As I started my journey back to Florida so tired so exhausted and I have had three open-heart surgeries in the past and one surgery recently in November which He knew of my health condition because we spoke about it a few times.

By that time I was texting him with no response. When I finally made it home I got a text message from Phillip stating he feel like such a bad person for putting me through that and he was sorry but he could not get to a phone because he got into a fight and was detained. I fixed up my house and was getting it ready for him to come home to me. I went out and bought a new king size bed just for us and I have not been with anyone in 10 years.

He contacted me on tinder dating website. He contacted me asking for my email Address when I first started talking to him. Yes I got the love poems every day and at the bottom of the love pomes was a link to songs every day. He asked me for my number and we started texting and he would even call me but when I tried to call him he used a Google phone number. He has sent me pictures of him but I had to beg him for them during the 8 months of talking. He has asked me to marry him when he comes home.

I fell so deeply in love with him. I want to delete him but ever since he did a video chat with me I keep holding on just in case he will come home to me. I know deep in my heart that he may be a scammer but I keep holding on and Praying that he is real and he will come home soon.

Has anyone spoken to someone who is called Phillip. He said he was widowed and that his wife died in a car accident. He has one son who is going to school in Norway. He has an uncle who is in a coma and an aunt and his sons name he calls Alex. He tells me he needs iTunes cards to back up his work and to call his son to check on his sick uncle and aunt who is elderly.

He told me he is a contractor on the BP oil platform in the gulf of Mexico. On tinder he says that he is 53 years old and from Naples Florida which I live 45 minutes away from Naples Florida. Anonymous Clinton Anderson sounds like my scammer. He has sent several pictures. One says he is in his 40's. Wife died, daughter died. Has custody of two young grandsons, in a boarding school in Lansing, MI. There are no boarding schools in Lansing.

Says he feels in love with me the first time he saw my picture. Wants to spend the rest of his life with me. His name is Greg Anderson, user name on wwf is Greg He is sitting on a lounge with a pool in the background. Anonymous Womanizer, liar, thief, scammer. Stephan Michael Hunter could be Larry Hunter. Same story of wife dead only one Walisa T.

To be found at 32 age and he is 65 and he says another time Been given 2 birthdays. Everything he texts I found by looking up scammers love letter samples. Its clear where he got it. In it was a hurricane which was a lie and then workers in jail. Next broken legs and in hospital. On an on it goes. Finally leaving Texas coast and had to go Manchester UK. He is coming to US on the way to the Airport a car accident on Called me today and is still in hospital with no money to pay the bill.

I just got a 'I love you letter' taken from a scam letter word for word. Wife died which was a lie. I received a text from a number that showed her. I believe he is using it. After no money he started backing off. Ladies advise them of Romans They use God so they best be afraid. Sep 16, Rating Scammer by: Anonymous Mine is called William Morgan.

His photos show a very attractive man, must admit should have gone with my gut instinct 'too good to be true' and the number I have is And yes like others I feel a total fool! So am playing to see how long this goes on for or until I get bored. And yes I would like to know how and where they get the photos.

Sep 16, Rating Oil rig 3rd party contractor by: Anonymous Gareth Richard Murphy???? Anyone heard this name? Will retire at the end of this month with million as a 3rd party contractor for LNG Olud and gas. Of course charming, loves to sing and wants to give you the world and make you feel like a queen every day for the rest of your life.

Sep 15, Rating Scammer by: Anonymous Think I have just had another who said he was a Petroleum Engineer, Widowed, one Daughter, but when I asked whom he worked for he disappeared! It was the 'I'm the only child of my parents' that alerted me as I have heard it before! Still think I have another and have tried reverse photo to no avail.

Sep 15, Rating Derico Kara confirmed scammer by: When confirmed they are indeed not the person the say they are. I add the cibfirma5tuin to this site. Sep 15, Rating How too by: Anonymous Hello think I may have one. How do I check this out?

Sep 15, Rating Phone by: Anonymous Anyone heard this phone number? Sep 15, Rating Feeling Completely Stupid by: I looked up Assured Energies and no such thing. Clicked on the address on his profile and nope. The faster you block them the faster you let them go. Mine had elements of other stories.

So look out for this guy. Sep 15, Rating Clinton Anderson by: Both of them scammers. Sep 14, Rating So Tired of Scammers by: Has a daughter Cindy 7, from his second marriage, divorced because she is a drug addict. First wife was in NYC and was hit by a car. Both parents are gone and he is an only child. I said NO I don't have it and he then hung up on me.

Anonymous Everything I have read on here is what this guy has said and done. He has a daughter Cindy who is 7, he is 52 yrs. Very Handsome with beautiful blue eyes, salt and pepper hair. If you see this number stay away. He found me on Yahtzee, talked a few days and ask me to get on WhatsApp. I knew it was to good to be true, but went along with it. I told him NO!! He is deleted and gone. Sep 14, Rating George Meyers by: Anonymous I've just been duped by George Meyers saying these same things.

Dumb on my part is that I sent him pics of myself. Sep 14, Rating Feeling stupid by: Anonymous I started to get suspicious and I started to search this guy. Who do I contact?? Sep 13, Rating Marine Engineer Anonymous Watch out for Perry Henry Martin.

He's actually from Africa, but says he's half Bulgarian. Give him no info about your banking, credit, etc. I had fun baiting him for 3 months. He is just a liar. Everything he says is a lie. His texting was very broken and inconsistent. He originally said he lived in Houston. Later, it was California.

Wife died of breast cancer. Sep 12, Rating Oil rig engineer by: Anonymous They are all scammers, and they want your money, I tune cards, bank accounts, and we need to block and delete every one of these poor excuse for a human being, as they play with your heart, your mind, your soul, they do sexting, make you hear what you want to hear, they love you in a matter of days, you fall for them and wham they have you. We need to fight these maggots. They are NOT the real person in the pictures.

Sep 12, Rating Larry Bendt by: Anonymous Anyone dealing with Larry Bendt? Sep 12, Rating oil rig engineer manager by: CJ Anyone dealing with a guy who calls himself Daniel Douglas who is supposedly on an oil rig in Greece?

Sep 10, Rating Packages by: Anonymous This is all a scam and I have a friend who was asked to accept gold bars but she had to pay for them.

This is just another way to get money from someone so ignore them and block that scammer while you can. Not in love anymore I posted here from May, through March, I had to quit because it just slowed up my healing I just had to stop at least one woman from getting caught up in these soulless scams. After my "relationship" ended, those evil bas.

Saturday I received an email from the creeps. How he got my email address I'll never know. Sep 10, Rating Many names of scam by: Moon lighter First I would like to say that they are everywhere on the internet on all social media accounts and dating sites everywhere just like Spiderman climbing in when we are unaware.

They are charming words and convincing words to move you and it is like a play that is well rehearsed. They pull you in a bit at a time brainwashing you little by little and lie after lie and we get caught up. We actually enjoy their attention and we start thinking about him and little cravings for more get started that somehow hook us. Here are some names to watch for on Twitter and Facebook. It breaks my heart that older women on fixed income or widows get ripped off so nobody is safe.

We need to form groups to go to the Government leaders and demand justice somehow or maybe get the oil companies behind the victims and veteran groups as something HAS to get done.

These are the names of known scammers he could be one man or could be group of thieves working together. I am sure many more. But I have found many victims by the same man. Sep 10, Rating Michael Adams - con man by: Anonymous Another one to look out for is Michael Adams.

He makes out that he is a drilling contractor with Siapem and says that he is from Monteca in the USA. I had a lot of fun with this one and he is the usual widower with I child etc. After about 2 weeks I said look I need to speak to you or whats the point. We arranged a call and he rang dead on time.

It was quite funny because his fake accent went from Bronx to Italian lol. After a minute he says he has to go as there is an emergency and he then sends me a google photo of oil rig on fire lol. He then messages me and says he needs to get a part and could I lend him pounds lol. He is still conning people and his email address is Michael adames gmail.

Not in love anymore I posted from June, until March, I quit hoping to start healing. After 15 months, the F. I don't feel like they can ever catch these greedy, evil scammers. But, I'd kept all my notes and tried to help. I was conned out a lot of money. I am far from stupid. But, these are a well-oiled professionals. There were at least 3 involved and each had an intregate part. The agent I spoke with had never heard of this site. I explained how it worked and told her about you.

You're welcome and thank you: Sep 09, Rating He is the one by: Wiser Now Alfred Busta came after me too please so for all of us education is the best way and so let us learn from each other. Sep 09, Rating Packages by: Anonymous Has anyone been asked to accept packages of cash and gold bars? I was even sent a video. Sep 09, Rating Nigerian scammer by: The same scammer is using these three names.

All the same scammer. Sep 08, Rating Oil rig scam by: Anonymous Contacted by georg on plenty of fish. Quickly moved to text messaging, his Just one day of texting, wife died in childbirth, son is with a nanny in those islands, he is on an oil rig in Germany, talked a lot about god, he would be home for the holidays.

Asked what I do for work, if I owned my own home. Said I ask a lot of questions. His parents died in and he's all alone. The more he talked the more I knew it was a scam. He got my friends address through my Wi-Fi and friend requested her in facebook.

Name on Facebook is Anthony Graham. I blocked him and denied a friend request. He has probably changed his name by now. But ladies please don't fall for this scamming stuff. Anonymous He is also on FB under different names so beware as a real scammer is stealing other mans' photos and probably working from Nigeria.

Anonymous What a charmer. Very good looking profile pic. Story much the same as everyone else. Works as contractor for Exon. Will retire in three weeks. Wants a wife to settle down with. Widowed, single father, parents died when he was young. I was falling for it at first then vocabulary got too sloppy. His credit card info was stolen and he wanted the cards to finish up his work. He would meet me in three weeks. He will retire with 12 million.

Wilson you also were scammed as I have a husband. States the only way to activate the transmitters is by giving the Syrians iTunes cards. Told him "You do realize that cards purchased in the US won't work in another country? Talk about annoying the guy off. But he keeps asking. And the answer is still NO. Sooner or later he's gonna hit one of you up--he was on Match. Just a friendly FYI for everyone. Sep 06, Rating Raymond Wilson by: Anonymous Thank God for this site. Raymond Wilson, put him on the list.

Jacksonville Florida, from East Germany. Widowed, Son in boarding school. I was falling then things started feeling weird: He wanted Itunes gift cards to finish up his work. He was retiring with 12 million and wanted to settle down. Wife was killed in a car wreck, parents died when he was young.

He uses bible verses to sweep you off your feet. Well buddy I prayed to the same God you were we referring to and guess what? I found this site. Sep 06, Rating Scammets by: Sep 05, Rating Another Scammer!! Anonymous Does anyone know of a Kelly Roland. He is stating he is a independent Engineer working for SeaDrill? He also states he is on a Oil Rig off shore in England. He has sent me a IM on Face Book - here is his given phone Just for all women on this site.

Sep 05, Rating Greg Anderson by: Says he in on an oil rig in the gulf coast of Mexico. He will romance you. Ask you to sent itune cards and the ask for money. Please stay away from him. He will scam you out of every dime you have. He will ask you to visit the rig. Have you send a letter from your doctor stating you have no traveling restrictions. Text you and ask you questions to get a security clearance. He will tell you he will repay you for the ticket and any other money you have sent with interest.

The trip never happens and you never receive any money from him. He is still playing WWFs. He is quit a hunk, but ruthless. Sep 04, Rating Scammer by: Also went by the name Alex Edmund.

Anonymous I asked if anyone was in contact with a Mark Burke. I can still access his picture. So I decided it was my turn to play him, and I apologized and said I have medical issues that prevent me from donating out extra cash, and played the pity game. He was in my clutches then! So yes The iTunes thing was a thing, I said no. He asked me to look for property for him and his two kids, - extravagant I might add. He asked me about my finances, and I told him I live from disability check to disability check, with no extra funds.

Today he was a bit more demanding and needed money to fix parts on the oil rig. I said the oil rig belongs to the company your contracted by, why did they not fix it? He said I asked too many questions. By the way I met him on "Words". Sep 04, Rating Swiss American in Houston by: Anonymous I had a similar experience with a guy called Steve Matt Denzler.

We met on Tinder and he quickly moved it to WhatsApp. The pictures turned out to be fake and the story far fetched. But when he called and spoke to me he was so convincing I think even he believed himself!

Be careful as they are super smart and everything he showed me was well prepared. We had a video call on Skype and he used Manycam. I knew it wasnt right because the sound didnt work and it just seemed a bit off. Anonymous Has anyone ever heard of a guy by the name of Mark Burke? Anonymous Yes it is a scam. He photo shopped it. Sep 03, Rating Another reminder by: Kevin B There are a few similarities with most scammers.

Often First and last names are like first names. Always pander to feelings of sympathy with wife dead and sometimes a child. Or have a child being cared for by nanny or relative.

Meet you on a site and wants to talk off site immediately or when you emotionally connect so you will not be monitored. Tells you not to tell friends or family about him or her because they will be jealous. Actually because friends and relatives will tell you the truth. A scammer whether asking for money, I Tune Cards to convert to cash or open an account they put money in to be illegally laundered in your name and you will get zero and maybe jailed.

Any other suspicions use a friend to bounce off of. Sep 03, Rating Scammers naned by: Block him and run. Sep 03, Rating Is this a scam by: An ie Has anyone heard of James Eric a contractor on a rig off Dublin. He has sent me a real time photo of himself holding a note with my name on it. Does that mean he's real? Sep 03, Rating Scam name Miller Anthony by: Anonymous Does the name Miller Anthony ring a bell to anyone? Sep 02, Rating Scammers by: Anonymous Watch some videos on You Tube. Search "Nigerian Scammers" and you will see a bunch out there.

It makes you sick how they do this. My husband also read an article how they fund a terrorist group with the money sent to them to kill American soldiers. My scammer used pictures of Captain Thomas Lindegaard Madsen.

Everyday I report at least 5 or 6 new fake profiles on Instagram and Facebook using his pictures and sometimes his identity. I reported mine and two mules to the FBI.

Anonymous Exactly the same letter I got from Richard, and I just laughed. But he wanted 5 grand from me. How ironic, then he would have 8 Grand if we both sent him money. If they are guys or women. My Friend just found out her Captain is a woman she fell for from Nigeria. Makes me sick they cannot make their own money. Guess they are really from us in the U. Take care all and God Bless! Sep 02, Rating scammer by: Sweet talker and claims his accent is French Canadian!

Sep 01, Rating His name is Richard Mathisen by: Anonymous Pay attention to this man. His name is Richard Mathisen. I will explain much better to you later. I will tell you later about my job as we get to know more about ourselves. I love my job and it's what I'm good at and have passion for, I've always wanted to be an Engineer.

What ever he says its all meaningless. DO Not get hooked. Sep 01, Rating Load it - scammer names by: Anonymous Here are some possible scammer names out there right now. I have filed FBI reports. Sep 01, Rating New mayerderek27 gmail. Laughingindisbelief I was contacted by a good looking German man by the handle mayerderek27 gmail. Only started talking to them the past few days.

Asked me for iTunes gift cards. Claimed to be on an oil rig and sent me a video of them singing half naked that was funny! I asked him what song he was singing and he didn't know the country song.

He sent me goofy pictures of himself. Claimed to be widowed with an 18 year old daughter. Story for ITunes cards is they were needed for contracts to stay on the oil rig. Like who comes up with this stuff seriously! I am making it my mission to save women and men from this dude. Thanks for the info everyone who posts. Check this dudes profile on Instagram and you might see my face on home his page.

Aug 31, Rating Scam? Anonymous Has anyone ever heard of Shaw Philip who works on an oil rig and is from Maryland and originally from France.

Aug 31, Rating Christopher Adlan George by: Lots of pictures of a handsome dude, with cars, cooking, boats, etc. Sends roses, lips, bears, etc.

He was on Linked In. Aug 31, Rating Matthew Todd by: Anonymous I want to know if anyone has heard from this one as he contacted me on words with friends. After a couple of weeks he is saying he wants to Marry me.

I am the love of his life and he wants to come to me. Aug 29, Rating And one more thing about Lawson Morris and thousand another scammers by: They took it from his Facebook I think. Anonymous My scammer befriended me on Words with Friends. Had a decent profile picture, we chatted on there for a bit before chatting through email.

I asked for ID verification, facebook, internet, nothing would bring up his name. Same story, wife died, he was 58 with an 8 year old son. Didn't ask me for money, just said he'd travel to take me on a romantic date when he got off his rig contract.

The more I talked to him, the English was broken, things he said didn't make sense, but definitely a romantic. Didn't talk to him long, but he never did ask for money. I guess he could pick up on my stand-offishness, because I kept bringing up I could verify who he was.

Finally I was able to search the image of the picture he sent me and wha-la! Low and behold, here comes the story of the Oil Rig scammers. Stay tough ladies, ask questions, verify their identity. You can seach white pages and find a name, age and basic information. Heck, a majority of people these days have Facebook or Twitter. Do your diligent research!! Aug 28, Rating Lawson Morris marine engineer and scammer by: Anonymous What can I say, ladies. You are native english speakers, and me - not - so not easy to understand the level of scammers English.

I met "Lawson Morris" on the Okcupid dating site. Widowed, his wife dead from breast cancer, son Eric with registered nanny, parents also dead, everyone dead. He was super cute, and we texted a lot for about 4 days, but you cannot call from the ship?

You use company customized devices - so what?: All these small things made me nerveous so I did a google image search - oishhhh, he is a well known scammer, with a thousand names and the same story. He even gave me the name of the ship - Maersk Venturer. According to marine radar the ship is not near Jakarta - its close to Ghana. Eric "his son" doesnt learn in the school he named in Compton CA. And of course, there is no Lawson Morris in Compton at all. So I said to him good luck you ugly scammer, and guess what?

He began to call and text me - i love you, come on, honey I deleted him in Hangouts. Aug 28, Rating Reverse image search by: Anonymous I found this site to be pretty good because it uses several search engines https: I found Yandex to be the best. Aug 28, Rating Comment on Herry Matthews by: Anonymous So glad you got rid of him. What is wrong with your friend that she is still smitten knowing she is not the only one? Hopefully she will wake up and not give him any money.

Because that is ALL he wants. Aug 27, Rating Oil Contractor Norwegian by: Anonymous Oil Contractor Norwegian, sounds just like my scammer. I have voice messages from this loser! Aug 27, Rating infor needed by: Anonymous You can use tineye. After that I do a google search on every single photo you get. I find that on tineye it may say no match, but then on google match it catches them. I was talking to a couple of men I suspect are scammers.

The nerve of them, I ask for a picture on anything with a sign with Hi on it. He said I could do that but because you don't believe me, I won't.

Dam right I don't believe you. Aug 27, Rating Info needed by: Anonymous Can someone tell me where I can or what is the best site to use for the "image scan" process?

He has sent me 3 photos "supposedly" of him?? Aug 27, Rating David Jackson by: Anonymous Here ladies is another one.

This guy is really good with passport and all. His name is David Jackson, 55 years old, from Bristol, TN, widowed for 4 years, has an 18 year old son Ryan who is in boarding school in the UK who is taken care of by a nanny because he is an engineering supervisor working on an oil rig near Kiev. I was contacted through Messenger by David Jackson.

He was interested in establishing a relationship since we were both widows and had kids near the same age. He said he would prefer to text because he didn't always have internet access. So we switched to texting. I became suspicious when his Facebook page and his Messenger conversations disappeared.

I confronted him about being a scammer and wanted proof that he wasn't. He sent me a selfie which matched the Facebook page. He was working on an oil rig off the coast of the Ukraine, so he sent me a photo of his passport.

I was surprised since your social security number is on it. He was quite the romantic with lovely verses professing his love. Then he kept wanting to get married right away. I said I needed more time. He said he wanted a wife not a girlfriend. I told him if all he wanted was a wife there were catalogs for that and that the Ukraine has quite a few. I then compared his passport to my own and found several errors: I then did a search on the social security number: At this point I had not been asked for money, but I am sure it was coming.

Claims to be a geologist who oversees mining projects for large gem companies. He continues to beg for money. Ladies beware as he is very good. He has a fake passport and drivers license and a fake bank statement all to prove he is telling the truth. Hard lesson to learn but if anyone asks for money they are a scammer!

Jul 28, Rating Victor Morrison by: He is a middle age man with a grey beard, bald, glasses, usually wearing elegant clothes with good English but an American accent. His targets now are latin middle age woman. Not sure for the ethnicity and nationality of this con artist, but Kings English sounds smart and attract more women but a bit difficult for an American to imitate British vocalization.

The reasons why to target specific age range and race could be because: Jul 28, Rating Jonathan E Marsh by: Anonymous This man Jonathan E Marsh has a number of profiles on twitter.

It could be the same man or multiple. Very handsome, and Jonathan Marsh is a real person who is aware this scam goes on. He is asking for iTunes cards, while on a mission? Like I said the photos are stolen from the real Jonathan Marsh. Jul 26, Rating John Richard Power married man posing as a single by: John Richard Power, the Irish airman on Veggieconnection was the same.

Veggieconnection is a matching service basically a dating site but it is open to anybody to build a network for vegetarian people around the globe, and not limited to members searching for lovers. Jul 26, Rating Victor Morrison. Scammer of latin ladies by: Anonymous Hello, I met Victor Morrison in a web dating site. He was an English gentleman and he talked fluently, but he fell in love with me 3 days after we meet. He was in Yemen working for the UN, he has a family tragedy with his family dead on , second wife cheated on him.

His service was about to finish in and he hadn't any vacations in 6 years! He cannot show his cam because he is in the middle of the war, and can call sometimes using hangouts. He wanted to know me immediately and needed to ask for his vacations, but he needed my help. First he said I must send a letter to a colonel in United Nations and then he suggested I should pay for his legal costs to be together, because he will pay back all when we met.

All that sounded very weird, but I was curious and sent the letter from an old email, and they replied asking me for my pic, my address, telephone and other data. That day I started to research for more information and I saw his pic on other web sites with another name and age, and I found a profile on FB with only women as friends and I contacted one of them.

She has a similar story and the same pics I have, but she had not yet been asked for a letter and personal data. Be careful, as he is a middle age man with a grey beard, bald, glasses, usually wearing elegant clothes with good English but american accent.

He has pics in different parts of world. I tracked some of them and the place is not the same that he said. Jul 24, Rating Extortion by: Anonymous It is not uncommon that fraudsters take out extortion on prey when targets refuse or ignore requests for money.

It is not sure whether those emails have been written by his Guatemalan wife herself, being from infamous national of MS and Northern Triangle, or John Power impersonating or writing instead of Liza who is not fluent in English.

Liza blames the target whom her husband had hooked while he's still searching women on the dating sites and posing as a single man looking for romance and marriage almost every day. The couple threatened when they were accused of their wrongdoings well, misuse of SNS and matching service may violate some laws , then they went mad and said they would sue me for libel etc both civil and the criminal arena.

However, who will be in real trouble when law enforcement and authorities get involve in the case? John and Liza Power. The airline in which John Power works for produced three arrests in , in just a single year. One was arrested in Florida for sexual assault and two were arrested for involvement in human smuggling from Spain to Ireland by means of their workplace resources over a decade. The arrested staff also engaged in money laundering.

Keeping correspondence records and evidence are important to protect yourself from malicious perpetrators, misuse of your personal information for fake ID, and defraud from financial institutes etc. Jul 23, Rating Dr. Anonymous I met Tony on Tinder. He wrote me that he is a Canadian from Montreal and works at the moment for the UN as an orthopedic surgeon in Aleppo, Syria.

He is a widower for a few years. His parents died both by a car accident, when he was 14 years old. He has a 12 years old, Stanley. The son is in a boarding school in Milan.

Tony touched my heart. He was so sweet and promised me to care abaout me, when he's done in Syria. Two days ago, I became suspicous because his story wasn't always logical. I searched his very nice Photos in Google and found out that all his used Photos were stolen.

So I blocked Anthony. Jul 23, Rating Ortho by: Block him and report Him to the FBI and do not talk to him as he has a way of getting your information. Jul 23, Rating The way con artists ask you for financial aid by: Sophisticated con artists may say "get the real estate for our future residence and need a deposit until you come over to see it". John Power, the Irish perpetrator said "the company he had told about the family owned company months before, in that day the business had been fine has to fire employees due to the recession.

It is sad to tell staff who have worked for his parents for many years not to come from tomorrow. He talks about animal sanctuaries for rescued animals. He recommends you books about the owner of sanctuary, sends websites of animal sanctuaries around the globe especially in North America that is open to visitors to enjoy a day.

John Power takes time till you learn about the new tide of animal welfare and when he finds that you are interested in it, he will tell you a dream of having a farm for animals. He often counts the years left to retirement as well. Remember, some fraudsters take years to build solid relationships with their prey. It is time consuming but they will have more chance to get a larger amount of money from a single victim.

Jul 22, Rating Felipe Isreal by: Anonymous Here is another scammer who goes by the name of Felipe Israel. Claims he is an orthopedic surgeon working for the UN in Syria. Claims he's a widower, his parents died when he was very young, and he says his young son is in a boarding school in Texas. He wanted me to text him using hangouts which I did. I met him originally on Instagram. After reading The posts on this site I realize that his story was very similar to others that have been posted here.

I asked him about the similarities between these posts and his story and he quickly ended our texting and relationship. I could not find him listed as any doctor from England working for the UN in Syria. I quickly ended my hangouts text with him. I removed it from my iPad and also removed it from my laptop. I became suspicious when reading his posts that did not grammatically sound correct of someone who was from England. He asked me many questions about myself but did not ask for money.

He did send me a photo of himself which was similar to the Instagram picture. Beware ladies of a man going by the name of Felipe Israel. He was very cautious about giving me information about himself. Jul 22, Rating For Dr. Thomas Abraham Geisler by: Anonymous I went to this mans twitter page and he has nothing listed and one follower sounds like all the rest of the fake doctors so tell your Sister to not send this man anything please and check to see if you can pull this guy up on the UN list of Doctors.

If his name is not on there then yes he is a scammer and all scammers want to talk on Hangouts as a lot of us Ladies found. Take care of your Sister and don't let her fall victim to this. Jul 22, Rating Fraud by: Anonymous Listen ladies he scammed me for almost 2 Grand but he is just one of thousands of them. He also will start his scam by asking for a small amount for his internet than for a plan ticket than for provisions then he says that he never got the money.

All these men are evil and total fraud. Stay away and block them and report them to the FBI. Please tell your daughter to block him immediately. I am sorry she had to endure that but put an end to it today.

Jul 21, Rating Latest posts by: Listen and memorize these words. If he is asking for money, he is a scammer. And yes I was scammed. Jul 20, Rating Help re scammer dr surgeon Afghanistan by: Anonymous My adult daughter who has medical issues is being scammed, no question. They met online a few months ago. Claims to be a widow with 2 boys.

Boys are in Florida and he is in Afghanistan working as an orthopedic surgeon. Constantly asking for money initially to secure a safe deposit box and other reasons. We have little money but the pressure continues. Of course she is desperate to believe. Any info, name,photo please let me know. He claims to be German. Jul 20, Rating Dr.

Anonymous Do somebody heard about him an ortho dr. Based on yemen from dallas Texas. With a daughter who died in a car crash 6 years ago. A son in boarding school in Manchester who graduated in university of manchester and army colleges in west point. Chatting to sister in hang out and asking us dollars to be sent to an attorney for the processing of his papers to leave the base.

He cannot call due to all communications are connected to pentagon for their safety. We have a picture of him and later I found out pictures are taken from google and have an account in twitter as ronaldjonas8. He told my sister that you have a lot of alibis and not to send the money and im getting angry already. Wow I think he is a scammer and I informed my sister about your site and to read. Thank you for any info. Proficiency in English is not a factor to judge so be is safe. Jul 12, Rating Ireland exports dozens of scammers by: I know they're not Nigerian because they've contacted me by phone.

Dozens of Irish nationals have been arrested in the US and Australia. They could be groups or individuals that travel to North America and Australia with mostly tourist visa.

Ireland is regarded as the money laundering paradise by the US authority as well as EU. Money obtained through criminal activities are less likely to be monitored or detected in Ireland. Irish are all liars" by Margaret Thatcher. Paddies are perfect English speakers Irish accent doesn't sound strange in North America and Australia , and great writers like Ireland is a producers of many poets and literature.

Needless to say their outlook are common in Anglophone nations- more Irish descendants than British as those countries used to be penal colonies. Don't fall victim to them. Jul 11, Rating Another scam artist by: He claims to be a neurosurgeon working in a lockdown situation in a Syrian camp that is guarded with thousands of armed soldiers. His name is not on the list of doctors published by the UN. He claims to be a widower who lost his wife and daughter in an accident and he is supposedly raising his granddaughter by himself.

He claims that she is in a boarding school in Pennsylvania, but when I looked at the school it is a boys only School. He claims never to have been in Canada, but a picture of him on Facebook shows him standing in front of a house with an Ontario address on it. He is going for a quick romantic relationship with lots of sympathy. He said he wanted to come visit me next month.

Don't let him get his hopes into you! He is not honest. Anonymous You are right about the google account. I had three yesterday and sent messages to let's chat on hangouts and they got my answer. Anonymous You can report them to the site you met them and if it's twitter they really won't do much. A lot of us ladies have reported them but nothing happens and also you can make a Report to www.

Jul 09, Rating Donovan Morgan by: Anonymous He also uses the name Donovan Morgan, and he has a 14 year old son Derrick, wife died in childbirth. He is a surgeon for the UN. His english is appalling and says hes from Brooklyn. I believe that they are trying to get into your Google account now through the Hangouts App.

Jul 08, Rating Other Scam Sites by: Does anyone know of any other sites where these men might be identified, who may not be Nigerian. I think there are a number of non-Nigerian scammers operating on twitter and wanted to make others aware. All have a sad story to tell as usual. Follow numerous women on twitter, the last one on the list follows almost women, claims to be a vet stranded in China.

HAs anyone come across any of these men, or know a site I can report them. I just block them now, they are not worth the time. Jul 07, Rating William Fernando by: Anonymous The reason this guy looks so good is because he is - yet again - another fraud stealing the likeness of Dr.

Anonymous After looking further into the above supposed UN Doctor on similar sites he is using the same photo as the names mentioned above William Fernando is a Nigerian scammer!! Anonymous I received a friend request from a William fernando on Facebook this morning. I accepted the request and he immediately started messaging me however none of the messages made sense bearing in mind he was apparently a surgeon in the USA, born there but his English was appalling!!

I immediately started investigating him while he continued to send me messages. He asked me if I had kids and a husband and what had happened to my husband. He told me that his wife had died three years ago. I asked what he specialised in and he said he was a military doctor currently working in Afghanistan. I then looked into his Facebook and found that his interests were all African based!!

My suspicions were correct. Jul 06, Rating For Richard Samson by: Anonymous Never heard of him before but you can look and see if he's on the list of Doctors working for the UN so just type in the United Nations list of Doctors and it will show you if he's on that list. Jul 06, Rating Puctures by: Anonymous Yes I do have pictures, how can I post them?

Jul 06, Rating Richard Samson by: Anonymous Any photos of him? Anonymous Any of you ladies been sollicitated by a man named: Richard Samson, health Professionnal United Nations. He wants to become friends with me.

Jul 04, Rating RE: Scott on Veggieconnection by: Anonymous I guess this guy thought he could find sympathetic women on a vegetarian dating web site. These guys are everywhere just trying to get money out of women. They prey on loneliness. There are a lot of pets that need good homes, and you won't be lonely.

Yes, an Irish pilot John Power and his spouse Liza blamed on me "I thought you were not the person who HURTS others as you are aware of animal welfare blah blah blah…" when I accused the false statement on the dating site is illicit, violates both law and social norms.

Jul 04, Rating Anthony Dwayne by: Be careful ladies he is a black guy from Africa who will find his victims on FB and after he will romance them for few months he will come to visit you but you have to send money to get him out of Syria. Do not believe this guy! Block him, report him and just save your money and your heart. Edmund Larsen was saying he was a male reproductive health specialist exactly what A. The same con only different name.

Please ladies wake up. All these so called doctors are scammers! Please do not chat with them!!! Jul 04, Rating Scammers by: Anonymous Girls, you need to realise that you are not talking to one man but a group of men.

If you don't believe me, try catching them out with little tests, e. I caught one or two scammers out like that before, and I realised I was having conversations with two totally different people. Also, if you end up talking to them, listen carefully in the background, you can sometimes here more than one whispering in the back. I hate to tell you but, I've gotten so passed at these guys that I've reported a lot of websites so far for PayPal scams, phishing, and this.

It's time that we girls bite back. Jul 04, Rating Dr. Craig Scott -- LOL. A widow, with 11 years old boy who lives in a boarding school.

He kept saying, I can't even be able access to my bank account. Jul 03, Rating Doctor in Syria by: Anonymous All use different names but the matter is, how does one know if she's getting scammed.

The guy sounds loving and caring. So how does one know if she's getting scammed. If she is looking for a caring and loving guy and believes in him, she's not at fault or being stupid or naive or whatever word some people would comment. She believes she's found her guy. Some say doctors in Syria can afford to get his ticket out and doesn't require any outside support, and they say different.

I had spoken to several of them and they all say the same. How does one know he's not telling the truth. Even though it's been said that UN does not ask for money for their vacation. What's your guy's name? Do u have photos of him? If so share with me,please. Jul 03, Rating Dr. In Syria Scammer by: Anonymous Please don't send anything to these men as they are not real and they only want your money and once they get that they move on to the next.

If something is telling you in your gut then listen to it all you have to do is go to the United Nations list of Doctors and it will show you the names of Doctors who work for the UN so please don't fall for it and if you have a pic of him do a reverse look up and it will show you what other sites he is on. I hope this helps you because it helped me. Anonymous I was communicating with a doctor in Syria for 6 months.

Professed his love for me and had to get out of there and start a life here with me. Said he was 65 and had pictures on facebook. Stopped when he wanted money to come here to USA. Met him on facbook. Widowed with 15 yr old son in calif. I'm sure he's a Nigerian scammer.

Jul 03, Rating Doctor in Sryia Scammer by: Anonymous What is his name please? The Doctor in Syria. We are also communicating after I put off sending any money. Would like to know the name you have and if you have seen his FB page. Jul 02, Rating Doctor in Syria by: Anonymous I had made arragements for money transfer but then had 2nd thought and made enquiries.

Instantly, it was reported as fraud just to protect me. Though there is hiccup on this transfer, we are still communicating. Am not sure if he's really a scammer. How does one tell if the person you communicate with is a real scammer? How do you tell? I had asked and all I get is a shrug shoulder. I thought I've something good going here and because banks are advising on scammers and such, I was scared again. Had been told that he's able to get his own finance and don't require outside help.

Any comment on this. Jul 02, Rating RE: Anonymous Please share detailed information regarding the guy who conned you. Besides, please press charge or at least report to the law enforcement and the site administrator in which you were hooked. Jul 02, Rating Doctor in Sryia Scammer by: Anonymous What happens after the money is sent? No one has said what happens then. Do they stop chatting with you or do they block you or what?

Jul 01, Rating For Been There by: Anonymous You will get through it and it does take time but just know that I've wrote on here alot about a man to that claim he was Doctor only to find out he wasn't and a lot of ladies wrote about the same man.

W where all talking to at the same time so I know where you are coming from. You a strong woman just like the rest of us. I will past We are here for you take care of yourself always. Jul 01, Rating Been there by: Anonymous I symphatise with you and the rest who had been scammed.

One does not know until you realised you've been had. There's always someone looking for love. Someone to love and be loved. There could be someone who is honest. But with alot of cases heard, I feel that everyone is taking a chance to those who had been scammed. Do you stop looking for the Mr Right or Miss Right? I would think there'll be alot of frightened singles around. One does not stop looking. But am sure you'll be careful.

Even for myself, been chatting with this guy for awhile now, I couldn't tell if he's a scammer. Looking for a relationship is always a risk. I'm married 2nd time around,is also taking a risk.

How do you tell if the person is a scammer. Anonymous I was a victim of one of these scum. I wish I knew about this web site earlier. Yes, we were stupid but pointing that out is not constructive or helpful when you already were duped. Please be kinder to those of us who fell for it.

Jul 01, Rating Anyone encountered Nicholas Rodriguez by: Anonymous Has anyone encountered Nicholas Rodriguez? Silver Creek High School. Name of Money receiptant in New York: Andrew Shapiro Chase Bank: Since he wanted to leave Kabul and they did not want him to leave, they would not pay for his flight. After He was detained at the airport by the head of security because they found drugs in his luggage which were not his. Rouge head of security is holding him against his will but they still allow him to use his phone to send text messages and via hangouts texts.

We text 4 to 5 hours a day. Jun 30, Rating For the two recent posts by: Anonymous You both are absolutely right about these men I've been on here a lot trying to let these women know about these men but it seems like they are not listening. I keep giving them information about these men but I guess maybe they will wake up and Listen one day and leave these scammers alone.

They are clever and ruthless! Jun 29, Rating How can any of you think these guys are for real by: Anonymous I wrote on this site a while ago after a guy who said he was an orthopedic surgeon in Syria tried to put one over on me. Now I am appalled at how many of you actually don't see the lies so obvious in these stories. These scammers all say the are doctors, surgeons, etc. Can't you see that these stories are all the same? How could any of you think that your "guy" is for real?

Use your brains and wake up! You will lose your heart and your money if you actually fall for this bull that is as obvious as the nose on your face! I am just mad that these scammers are believed at all.

Jun 28, Rating I am also talking with a orthopaedic from the un by: Anonymous I dont trust that's why I look on internet but I didn't find anything. And now I am reading this site I am sure that its not true. Did someone now this man. His name is Scott Cleaver and he said he is from Turkey and lost his wife and his daughter is in boarding school. Jun 28, Rating Williams Richard by: Not asked me for anything but red flags are starting to fly.

Widow with a son. I asked him what time it was where he was and he gave me a Syria time. When questioned it he said the UN decided on the times?? He is currently operating on Twitter.

And yes likes to talk on hangouts Let me know. Jun 27, Rating Anthony Dwayne by: Lucky One That scammer is Nigerian. We had a talk on the phone and I noticed his voice was nothing like British or American. He told me then that he travelled a lot and stayed in Africa many years and I was getting that intonation BS!!!!!!

I laughed but knew deep SH.. Never answered to stranger's FB request before and Guess why. Jun 26, Rating Doctor in Sryia Scammer by: Anonymous He is Caucasian He could still be legitimate just not sure. Jun 26, Rating D Eric Griffins by: Anonymous Can't bring him up on facebook. Anonymous Dr Eric Griffins on Facebook. He looks and talks legitimate.

My friend chatted with him for months then he asked for money. His FB page looks legitimate. He is posing as the doctor. Claims to be working for NATO. Has anyone had any contact with him? Red Flags came up when he asked for money for a leave certificate.

Jun 25, Rating Anthony Dwayne by: Anonymous Is he an American Negro or caucasian? Jun 25, Rating RE: How long does a scammer take to scam somebody by: Anonymous "Are you dating a scammer? Jun 25, Rating Request turns blackmail by: This guy has spent several years to make me interested in helping financial aid or future investment for good. However, when John Power realizes that you are not willing to help his family or interested to cooperate to support animal welfare, then you will receive nasty mail from a woman who claims to be his WIFE, Liza Velasquez Power.

The couple prospect the reaction of you — you get angry, accuse him and report, because a single guy who hooked you via the matching site seemed to be a fellow vegetarian has lied about his marital status for ages and shares your personal information with the third party his wife! However, making you upset is their tactics, as the couple would imply legal action for denouncement and libel in reality there is no legal grounds for claiming compensation. John and Liza Power may propose a reconcile instead of a battle in court.

Yet, if you ignore them or argue and points out the facts, then they take it out on you, curse badly and cut off. Jun 24, Rating The Price of Love by: Lucky One I fell in love instantly when I saw his heavenly smiling profile pic. Getting over a unmutual crush, I was soooo happy that Life sends me a awesome healthy man to make plans with.

I was ready for him, expecting true love for so long but slowly accepting aging single. By chance, I was aware of scammers and more important, how craving for affection may be dangerous for someone's wallet. But still that Anthony Dwayne is not an orthopeadic surgeon or men's reproductive health specialist based in Syria as United Nations's medical crew member or a Neurologist or even a man. Jun 22, Rating For Fraud by: Anonymous Thank you again for your post. I've been writing the same as you and trying to give information to these ladies and letting them know there is a lot of information on this site as well all they have to do is read.

These men they are talking to are not real and they are definitely scammers so I really hope they take your advice for their sake and stop wasting their time with these men. I know I did and im glad I did. Jun 22, Rating This is who I have been talking to. Anonymous Playing words 2 - they seem to come out of the woodwork. Only been about 4 days and haven't asked for anything yet. Found one using the google reverse image. Did not find the other one. David Richard, orthopedic surgeon with the united nations in Syria, lives in San Francisco, lost wife and 17 year old daughter in car accident 6 years ago, and was born in Brazil, moved to the US with Mom, Dad, Sister, when he was His son is in a boarding school in Las Vegas.

His sister also lives in Las Vegas and his son stays with them in the summer. Jun 21, Rating Fraud by: From a very smart woman who got scammed over but I met a good man and he is real and a great person. Tons of men go to church so join a networking group or go to a museum or go to a park and take golf lessons. Go to the beach,Volunteer somewhere.

Spend time with your girlfriends and family. Get a pet So I hope this helps. Jun 21, Rating Reply - Is it possible? But again some would say that it's not him. But he's been sending me some photos of himself and video to me to prove that it's really him.

Now he's in trouble. Jun 20, Rating Is it possible? Does anyone experience this like me? Jun 20, Rating Reply-how long for a scam by: Anonymous My experience was six months. He kept asking me to send money for his ticket and his box. I already told him that he is a scammer and I have called the cops and I am on his case. But the scammer still told me he loves me and misses me so much and wishes to meet me soon.

And when I finish the payment he can get over to be with me and pay back what I have given him before! But he still asks me to make a payment soon. So he just gone. Jun 19, Rating You should read this article and watch the video by: Anonymous If you still believe online dating scammers are in West Africa and whom you'll never see in person, read this article. Dating service like Tinder and Badoo may raise the number of dating scams where a scammer and victims have an actual date.

The victim in the article below was hooked up via POF, had a date with a swindler and then introduced him to her friends and family. In February , after three intense months Sarah said Porter disappeared. Jun 19, Rating Con artists spends several months even years to get trusts from victims by: A month or two or three?

If they communicate with you on hangouts, messenger, emails, fb or phone, then how could they get in touch with you. Why would they take so long to want to scam you? I would assume by at least one month, they would move on to another. Besides, lots of online dating scam cases involved are taking place after face-to-face meeting up.

Police warn public after woman sells condo in fraud scheme that spanning 7 years http: Jun 19, Rating For just read your comment by: Anonymous His photo is on Linkedin and he has nothing on his profile but he's in Syria and his Education I checked his profile yesterday so this man I believe is a scammer. Jun 18, Rating Scammers by: Anonymous How long does a scammer take to scam somebody.

Jun 18, Rating For Nick Kwang by: Anonymous All you have to do is block and report this man on the site you met him on as all of us Ladies keep saying these men are scammers so please research these men before you start communicating with them and check the United Nations List of Doctor's working in the middle east like Syria and don't fall for this and never send money to men you have never met on line or in person.

There is a lot of information on this site that warns you about being scammed and if they ask you to move off site to a hangouts site it is a Scam so stay safe. Jun 18, Rating Nick Kwang by: Anonymous Just read your comment. Sorry to hear that. Anonymous I was a victim to one of the scam games. He claimed he is an ortheopedic surgeon in Syria. Finished his 6th year contract and would like to relocated to an asian country. Born in Florida, USA. Parents died in car accidents, Father from China, Mother from Turkey.

Married before and wife passed away due to cancer. He took a flight from Turkey to Malaysia. Guess, I'm too nice and trust someone pleading for help. Next thing, he asked me to pay for an anti-terrorist cert. Saying without the cert, he cannot enter Singapore.

I googled, found out, no such form exists and its a scam. Jun 17, Rating Dr. Fernando Gomes Pinto by: These guys are ruthless. Jun 16, Rating Identity scam? Anonymous A person's photo has been used many times and over several years, and have been stated with different names on his various photos as fake and scammer.

Comments have been said that his real name is not known. How could that person be deemed as a scammer? It is obvious from my findings that some people have been using his photos to imersonate him.

As far as I could tell is that the photo of the person is innocent. Would anybody like to comment after reading my message with carefull thoughts? Jun 16, Rating Site owners ignore complaints by: Yes, the SNS and matching service do not delete the profiles personal ads of fraudster, catfish and pervert predator despite reports with evidences.

Besides, even if an administrator ban to post profiles of the perpetrator, he can still join other service or even the same service in which he was deleted by an administrator with another fake profile. How much site managers monitor IP address? Jun 14, Rating Instagram Scammer by: Can you please put the username of the scammer so at least we can can check it? Jun 14, Rating J Williams by: Anonymous I mean't not the guy am looking for. Anonymous Am afraid that's the guy I am looking for.

This guy of mine is white American. Sorry to use that word but that's the only way to describe him. Jun 14, Rating Instagram by: Anonymous Do you have pictures of him? Have you been on video chat with him? Jun 14, Rating Instagram scam by: Anonymous Someone from Instagram added me. He was J Williams. Has anyone came across him? Jun 13, Rating Probable scammers by: Anonymous Was wondering if it could be someone stealing their identity? Has anyone had a video chat with the guy from your photo?

Jun 13, Rating Probable scammer by: Anonymous They are ALL scammers! Anonymous Hi guys,I just done a search for both names. Can't get results for Michael Reachard. Dr Fernando Gomes is not the guy that is in contact with me.

Jun 13, Rating Dr Anonymous In reply to the said topic, did any of you have any video chat with him? Can I have a photo to support my report please? I had a video with him yesterday and he looks like the pics he sent me.

Jun 13, Rating Micheal Reachard in facebook by: Anonymous Hello, the same story with the same pictures. The name this time is Micheal Reachard. The pictures are to the Dr. From yesterday he wrote me on messenger and asked if I had hangout. The story is the same - "Am doctor Micheal I am an Orthopedic surgeon medical doctor working with the United Nations as a military doctor.

I am currently in Somalia for peacekeeping mission with the US military troops"; " I am a single father with one son,Jackson by name and he is 14 years of age, i lost my only wife in car accident may her soul rest in peace; Life has been so unfortune to me, i'm an orphan and i was told that my mom was Spanish and my dad an American. I have always live a life of a sadist; i pray i find happiness again" Something must be done.

Jun 13, Rating JackRoland38 by: Lots of you guys are talking about Dr. Fernando Pinto being real and his pictures are used by these scum bags. I searched him and his photos are actually the ones that this guy i am chatting with now are using.

I will block him now. Jun 12, Rating For JackRoland38 by: Anonymous This man is not JackRoland as he is using the pictures of the real Dr. Fernando Gomez Pinto from Brazil. You can look at his profile on Instagram and it will show you a lot of these scammers using his picture and he is aware of these men using his photos as all of us ladies have said so please research these men as they are scammers and take a look at the real doctor photos.

Stay safe and stay away from these men. Jun 12, Rating Orthopedic Surgeon in Syria by: Anonymous Guess I am not the only one been done. Just lately this guy claiming to be an orthopedic surgeon in Syria, Aleppo. I have been keeping track on foreign news for years. When he told me his whereabouts and needs someone to help him get out, I being a Christian didn't think otherwise, and helped him. His vacation was applied. The UN vacation dept.

I paid that and they came back saying that all military planes are not available due to the situations there. More money was asked. I didn't pay that as am unable to. I know it's too late now. I was taught to do the scamwatch and found lots of his photos with different names. We did have a video chat but am still sceptical if he's still legitimate.

Being too trusting is my problem. Jun 12, Rating Stranger Adds me on Instagram by: Anonymous June 11, I joined an event which requires my account on IG to be public.

Afterwards he sent me a private message Starts with "Hello Dear". Then he introduced himself as an orthopedic surgeon and he is currently in Syria bec. The UN assigned him there. Afterwards he gave his back ground: He is a widowed-his wife and daughter died in He has a son who is 15 yrs. Old currently in UK for studies. Said he has no money bec. UN is not allowing it. Also said they are not allowed to outside contact outside except whatsapp and gmail. But I added him on Hangouts.

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