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I sent out dozens of messages, private photo access and requests for private photos and nothing back. As soon as I let my premium expire i began receiving messages again. One of them from one of the profiles that had written me before I paid was now telling me she she loved my profile and my pics.

I seriously doubt that any of these women are real. That's all they are. Better of wiping ya bum with your money than giving it to this lot. Went to this site and played around on it for awhile as a free member for awhile then went to the terms an agreement section and read all the way through them witch most people don't do.

It's true that they tell you that they use fake people and computer generated programs and the only privacy protection is protecting true cheaters. Dont let this site foul you people keep your head and ass out of this site. The attorney general of Washington, state should proceed to prosecute these thief's and and shut them down but there office is probably in there pocket I work for a independent watch dog agency that monitors web dating sites.

After a my investigation of true cheaters. I am convinced the daring sight is a straight up. In joining and requesting my money back was told its impossible. This is a copy of what I emailed to support truecheater.

So luckily I was smart enough not to get roped into this scam!! Soo with my info I have come across, I will be leaving a message on every website about this scam I can find, the BBB as well as ICU government site and I hope others that use your fake shit site follow and get their money back at this rate, maybe more!

Oh fyi some of the shots which I found, are being investigated on a couple websites for promotion of child porn. Sooo the sites owners are either seriously dumb or disgusting sick perverts!!

Either way this site is garbage. I would to and that no site should say,and not be weshould be able to sue. Live performances can be sorted based on their ratings and languages , which is really useful because it means you can choose your preferred language and will also get some idea of how good each model is at performing.

You can join group sessions where others chat with the model, or enter a private room for a 1 on 1 session. TrueCheater previously provided cam options so that members could talk to each other using webcams.

This seems to have been removed, which is disappointing to see. Members can now only chat by sending written messages, but they can include their contact details.

This is often prohibited by other dating sites because it means that members might abscond and simply email each other without needing to use the site. So, in short, you could sign up, pay membership for a short period, find a few members who rock your boat, and then exchange details. Extra features are somewhat lacking on TrueCheater. Read more about us True Cheater Review by No1Reviews.

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