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An unregulated, global financial market with a multimillion USD market cap, yes please!

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My family got me a new puppy and she is filling a void that I thought could not be filled. She is actually a great-great-niece of my last dog and has a very similar temperament. Training a dog will be much tougher this time around as I am that much older. I have been adulting since I had to start raising siblings at the age of 22, more than 40 years ago, and I still adult for my adult children when they need me to, and for a grandchild. Having this new pup will help us all. I am glad adulting comes so easy to you.

Maybe you are just lucky. You must not have PTSD, or a serious mental illness. Well let me take that back how mean you are being to people obviously proves you have something wrong with you. Do you know how it feels to black out during a manic episode? Sounds like you just need to find something better to do with your time then sit on the computer and torment people. I hate politics, so I can give a crap what you are talking about with the liberal thing lol.

It takes time, and effort on their part. So instead of sitting on your computer tormenting people on a website you obviously went to just to start shit.

Jacking off would even be more productive then sitting on here tormenting people. Have a nice day sir. Spoken like a true Bubba!! I have seen more Conservative hats and shirts on people dragging their dogs and cats onto fights….

You should just stay out of things you have no actual knowledge of.. While a lot of scammers are using this to fly for free, plenty of people have real issues that your stupid attempt to be clever make light of… Guessing that you have a perfect little life where you have nothing better to do than judge others from your high horse while pretending that you have real issues and you just suck it up.. To make a long story short, shut up fool your fake MAGA boxers are showing….

Bubba joe is an ignorant piece of shit making us southerners look bad. I may only have some anxiety and ptsd but my dog makes my life better every day and people like you talk shit like you know everything when the truth is people like you make the world worse everyday.

If you ever happen to have the misfortune of developing similar problems you might eventually see how serious the issues this woman described actually are.

Fortunately, I can see by the other responses to your comments that you are clearly in the minority and you need to educate yourself before you embarrass yourself again. I would be pretty upset if I was in your situation… might even need some time with my ESA to relieve some of my sadness. Take a damn allergy pill and get the stick out of your ass.

Have a nice day. I, you can tell by the look of someone who has a legitimate need for an ESA on a flight. I will look nervous, tense, shaky, pale , close my eyes and look like I will die when the airplane hits any sort of turbulence as well as walking a little shaky if i have to get up and use the bathroom. I will also look like I. An unregulated, global financial market with a multimillion USD market cap, yes please!

Ponzi Schemes So, first-off let's talk about ponzi schemes. Still, it is foreseeable that, as Ethereum consolidates its position as a platform for smart contracts and as a cryptocurrency, criminals will exploit it to host their scams.

Besides the growth of traditional Ponzi schemes accepting ether, we expect a second wave of Ponzi schemes, but very likely they will be less recognizable as such than the ones collected in this survey. For instance, they could mix multi-level marketing, token sales, and games, to realize complex smart contracts, which would be very hard to correctly classify as Ponzi schemes or legit investments. Our analysis suggests that there is still time to devise suitable policy interventions, and provides a first understanding of the issues that must be tackled in this direction.

As of June , I'm going to keep ICOs on the "explain it like I'm a scammer page" because I don't believe there is enough accountability in the community surrounding 2 things: Truthfully stating what the company intends to accomplish. Being held accountable for producing results. Ethereum is kinda nerdy But that's ok, so is the internet. Decentralized - computers located all over the world, working together, if half of the computers are turned off, the other half will continue operating as if nothing happened.

Cryptocurrency - a kind of digital money that gets its value from having computers do hard math problems.

Computing Platform - this is a fancy way of saying a network of computers that run programs together. So what, why do people care about Ethereum so much?

If you've heard about Ethereum it's probably for one of two reasons: Speculative investing - because you can buy Ether at places called exchanges and more and more people are buying Ether, less of it is available and so the price is rising. However, like buying stocks in the stock market where companies can have ups and downs, Ethereum could experience this too, and the Ether people buy could lose value very rapidly.

Technological excitement - many people are excited about Ethereum because, much in the same way that the internet changed how everyone communicates, Ethereum has the potential to change how much of the world exchanges money, and organizes around trust. Ok, so should I do anything about it? Wait, What are Tokens Exactly?

Resources For Going Deep: You could do something like this. Make a visualization of the blockchain that is easier for humans to read - Let's be honest ledgers are boring to look at , you could do something interesting to express market transactions within ETH. Blockchain Based Interactive Sculpture Art: Ethereum probably won't get you laid Sorry not sorry.

Heady analysis provided by my friend Ryan Zimmerman. So why does this matter? Whether or not to invest in Ethereum boils down to three main macro risks: Governments outlaw Ethereum or enact regulations that make its use impractical.

Does Ethereum beat out traditional pen and paper contracts? Is there another technology that has wider appeal? So there you have it: Ethereum is digital coal and it may or may not be valuable.

Coin Market Cap is a great resource for understanding overall value of a certain coins. Privacy sucks It's hard for regular users to hold large amounts of funds without running substantial risks of theft or loss due to theft or loss of their private keys.

Economics do not encourage good "storage hygiene"; insufficient incentives for clearing storage and insufficient cost for filling it, especially for long periods of time Bunch of various marginal technical inefficiencies. Your browser does not support the audio element.

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