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We Reviewed & Found Fake Profiles

Thank fuk I didni upgrade says: Hardley up for a quickie!!

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Their terms of use includes agreeing and acknowledging that they operate bogus member profiles called "Fantasy Cuties". They also confess that these "Fantasy Cutie" profiles are operated by third-party contractors that have been hired by the site.

You can take a look at the screenshot that we provided below that shows the statement. This was found directly on the front page of X Milfs when you put your mouse over the terms of use link. Take a look at the screenshot below and read the paragraph where they discuss "Fantasy Cuties". The site admits to creating fake "Fantasy Cuties" profiles. IF you want to know how to spot the fake profiles that the website creates you can take a look at the screenshot we have provided for you. You can see circled in red it says the words FC status.

FC is the abbreviation for "Fantasy Cuties". Unfortunately every single female profile we viewed on this website had the FC logo on it meaning every single profile fake! There are no real milfs on XMilfs. Screenshot of a fake FC aka Fantasy Cutie profile page.

Below wwe have included two different fake profiles. And there are hundreds more where these profiles came from. This website doesn't have any real mature women looking to have sex with younger men. It's just a fantasy in your mind and X Milfs is preying on men who think that they can literally have sex with these bogus profile pages that the website is responsible for creating. These profiles are using images taken from other websites and then what they do is build a profile page based around that fake profile picture.

The thing you need to understand is that there's no horny milfs who want to have sex with every guy they see. Dating sites like XMilfs prey on this male fantasy. They've built a whole industry around deceiving you into believing that milf dating sites like X Milfs will get you laid.

All you need to do is join, upgrade and you'll have a shot at hooking up with these milfs who are ready to jump your bones. It's all a bunch of les. That's why they need to create these fake profiles because there aren't enough real mature women joining X Milfs so they need to build fake profile pages to satisfy the appetite of horny men looking to meet these older women.

It's all a scam! Screenshot of a fake FC aka Fantasy Cutie profile. Below we've included a screenshot showing that we received 21 emails. Every single one of these emails was from a "Fantasy Cutie".

These are not legitimate messages from real local females who want to hook up with us. This deception is not only found on our account but thousands of other member accounts on X Milfs.

The reasoning behind sending these computer-generated phony emails is to do trap male members into replying or trying to read the messages which you can't do unless you purchase a VIP pass a monthly membership.

All communications that were sent to us were from the "Online Cuties". All emails we received from these girls requested that we activate our VIP pass before we could read the fake email communications that we received.

This is ridiculous but people do fall for this and are scammed on a massive scale. Do you like being contacted by people who are employed by the dating service and their job description is to interact with free and paid members of Blackcrush. This is what is going on with this dating service. They have employees and third party contractors who are hired to do exactly that! Why would a dating web site do that? They realize that most men aren't going to upgrade unless there is a reason to do so.

What better way to get male members to upgrade than by using paid employees and third party contractors to steer them in the right direction? Male members will be more than willing to upgrade if there is a supposed girl sending them emails. If you lure beautiful women in front of most men they turn into mush and will do anything. This site preys on men like vultures do to a carcass in the desert. From what we found out about this service it is clearly involved in manipulating people particularly men into upgrading through the various techniques we discussed.

There is also a possibility of web-cam shows and the girls there really like to use this feature. Often it starts pretty innocently, as the girls want to see what you look and sound like, and get to know you a bit more, but because of the really sexual connotations of this site this is Fuck Book after all , thing often get out of control. And I mean it in the most positive way. The girls are horny and often lonely and they often want to spice things up a bit.

So you can expect to get some nice one-on-one action sometimes even before meeting a girl in person. Oh, and there are two more excelent things there.

First , many girls have one or few premade videos of herself either fucking someone, or masturbating in front of the cam, and they are often willing to let guys see it once they get to know them.

Watching those videos togother with the girls can be pretty intensive experience, in positive way of course. To conclude, let me tell you about the experience of a guy I know. He signed up for Fuckbook. Initially, he narrowed down his list to 16 girls, and managed to set up a meeting with Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.


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