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Rockall Auto Electrics, Valley Rd. If I were to get some hunting pellets, does this rifle have enough power to kill a squirrel at m distance head shot?

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Deen of Westminster, Chair. McCullough of Williston, Vice Chair. Lewis of Derby, Ranking Member. Fagan of Rutland City. Krebs of South Hero. Munger of South Burlington. Webb of Shelburne, Clerk. Scott Carter of Barnet , Vt with his pending state record buck he shot in Vermont s muzzleloader season.

Register for H A T of Vermont email updates. Big Game Check Station List. There is no excuse for a lack of statistics on gun crime in Vermont. No legislator should support policy without knowing what impact the policy will have on the perceived problem. Before burdening tens of thousands of Vermonters with new restrictions and financial costs, the legislators should have good estimates of the number of transactions or items which will be burdened and the number of incidents in which a person will be saved from injury or death by new laws.

Those estimates should be based on Vermont events that have actually happened. If they have not put in the effort to gather this data, an effort which will require little work, then the proposals should be delayed until they do their due diligence. The Oath the legislators took was: If an oath So help me God.

If an affirmation Under the pains and penalties of perjury. This is a dereliction of duty and a breach of their oath of office. Wikipedia has a list of most produced firearms https: The most produced guns on that list still in significant use in the US are the Glock 17, Colt and the Beretta The has fewer rounds but is chambered in a larger caliber and does come in double stack capacity also which holds 14 rounds.

The two top semi-automatic rifles on the list which are still in wide distribution and use in this country are the AK and the AR Both of these rifles have a standard magazine capacity of 30 rounds.

Any discussion of handgun lethality should start with bullet caliber, not number. The gun-ignorant legislators should be given visual references to understand the difference in physical size of the various handgun calibers. They should be forced to explain why 15 rounds of. Name the Murdered Vermonter who would still be alive if the gun who shot her only held 10 bullets.

Can any legislator point to even one death that would have been prevented by a magazine capacity limit of 10 rounds? Vermont has been awash in guns since joining the Union in There are literally hundreds of thousands magazines in private ownership in Vermont which have a capacity of more than 10 rounds.

If any single death was going to be caused by the 11th round from a single magazine, it would have happened by now. This is a favorite rote point by mindless legislators regurgitating what they saw on cable news. The Founding Fathers were less likely to have imagined cell phones or the internet than they were to have considered the development of better guns. Following this logic, the contents of the legislators cell phones should not be protected from warrantless seizure and search by the government because when the 4th Amendment was conceived, communication was done by writing on paper or shouting out the window.

Speech on the internet should not be protected by the 1st Amendment because the Founding Fathers did not dream of youtube.

Evangelical Christian and Southern Baptist religious practices should likewise not be protected from government interference because they did not exist in There are no statistics which demonstrate that universal background checks will prevent one crime. Very few crimes in Vermont involve guns.

The ATF is constantly tracing guns used in crimes. If guns used in crimes were obtained through private sales which would have been stopped by mandatory background checks, the ATF and the FBI would know about it. Again there are not so many of these incidents that record keeping and studying the particulars is difficult or particularly burdensome.

The lack of data means that there is no data to report. There is no evidence that universal background checks will prevent disqualified persons from accessing firearms and until such evidence is gathered, infringing on Article 16 is a violation of the legislative oath of office. Universal Background Checks will disadvantage the Poor and Indigent.

A person working a minimum wage job will be heavily burdened by a background check to the point that it might make acquiring a gun for self-protection unaffordable. Why is there no discussion about limiting FFL fees or allocating public monies to pay the fees for the poor? What if no FFL within miles of a rural community will agree to do private transfers or will only do them for an exorbitant fee? Have they read Article 16? Do they remember taking an oath of office?

We must not confuse correlation with causation. Just because two things exist at the same time does not mean they are related or that one has a causal effect on the other. Vermont also has a disproportionately high rate of opiate addiction.

No one is arguing that gun ownership is driving people to opiate addiction although both exist in high numbers in Vermont. Steve Bourgoin killed 5 Vermont high school students by intentionally driving his Toyota truck into the Volkswagen Jetta they were traveling in on Interstate This is a tragic event in which a deranged person, reportedly under the influence of drugs, killed 5 innocent young people and shattered a community. That horrific event was more than a year and a half ago and within 30 miles of the Statehouse.

What has the Vermont Legislature done in response to this actual tragedy which happened in our State and could happen again any day of the week and is at least or more likely to happen again than a school shooting. Bears in Vermont are already thinking about winter, and are currently in search of easy calories to fatten up.

Residential trash bins, bird feeders, pet food, and beehives can become bear attractants if not properly secured. Composting in bear country may also be an issue, and many residents wonder how to compost without enticing curious bears.

The list of upcoming course is updated on the website as new courses are added, and course news is included on the Vermont Hunter Education Program Facebook page. For more information, class dates, and information about free hunting seminars, check out our Hunter Education registration page by clicking here You can record where and when you observed the number of adult and young turkeys, or poults.

Women in the Outdoors Event, Aug. Registration fee includes lunch and all materials for the day. I wanted to provide my personal opinion on the new deer rule you are considering. I know the FWD will disagree and try to delay but there is no good reason as there are multiple avenues to disseminate the information and the FWD s only real reason is to continue to delay change any change. There is plenty of time to get the word out, in fact, much more time then the waterfowl hunters get each year.

Antler Restrictions I believe the AR s should be ended as Adam s data and common sense at this point reveal we are quite possibly inflicting genetic damage to our beloved deer herd. This is NOT a Social Issue this is a Biological Issue and I am bitterly disappointed in the Commissioner s failure to step up and lead but rather take the politically easy path. The FWB can correct this and should return us to the old definition of a legal buck. The FWD claims it needs three more years of data gathering to determine the impact of AR s well, they have had close to ten years time already and cannot say.

In three years, you will have an entirely new cast of characters sitting in front of you and wringing their hands over this issue and asking for more time. If the Board decides to allow three more years of study Crossbows I believe it is time to include crossbows as a legal archery implement.

I know the FWB voted to permit crossbows for all age groups and I agree with this position. However, if the FWB should reconsider and decide to allow crossbows for hunters age 50 and over to ease into this change, I would be supportive of that as well, with the thought being expansion to others down the road when it is proven that the world did not end.

I truly believe the use of crossbows will result in much better recovery rates of arrowed deer. Bag Limits I believe, as long as the current AR s are in place, that we should have a one buck annual bag limit. I believe this rule change would force hunters to be much more discerning on what buck they are willing to fill their only tag with and this is not easily measured but it will have a significant impact.

I support allowing doe permits and the total bag limit of three deer but it should only allow one buck. Extension of archery season I support this proposed change. Then, I believe the archery season should be extended through the end of October rather than earlier as proposed. Banning of urine based attractants I can t wait to see how the Warden force will be expected to enforce this. I do not want wardens sniffing my pant legs and boots at the check in stations but we shall see.

Thank you for your service on the Board. I believe it is time for the FWB to take the lead as the Department has showed itself unable or unwilling to do so. I wish you the best of luck. Here is Ashley's story in her own words Special Moose Hunt.

Each year HAT selects a youth with a disability to go on this potential once in a lifetime hunt. It was such an amazing privilege to be able to go out moose hunting, being the first girl selected for the permit and getting to spend time with the super friendly, down to earth guys made it even better. I don t think I slept at all the night before opening morning; I was too excited. But when that morning finally came, I didn t know what to expect.

I got all my gear on and was ready to go right away. On the drive to the wildlife management in area in Walden, Vermont that we would be hunting in, my guide, Ed Gallo, was telling me that if I saw a moose and decided that I didn t want to shoot it then no one would be upset with me.

They put me in front of a moose and that s what they were supposed to do. I looked at Ed and said, If I see a legal moose, I m shooting it. I m not going to pass one up. We had been hiking through the woods about 4 hours and decided to stop and use the moose call to try to call one in. After using it, we didn t get a response so we got up and started hiking through the swamp again. Following Ed, we had only taken about 30 steps when he suddenly stops dead in his tracks.

Him being so tall and myself being only 5 2, I couldn t see what he was looking at. Then before I had time to think, he turns around grabs my shoulders and moves me in front of him.

He tells me while pointing about 50 yards in front of me. And standing right there in front of me was a cow moose. She had seen our movement though and had blocked herself off behind some trees so we could only see her head and hindquarters.

I pull my She stood there for what seemed like minutes but in all reality was only seconds. When the moose finally started walking I could hear Ed telling me something about as soon as I get a decent broadside shot, to shoot; before he could even finish his sentence, I shot my rifle. After my first shot though, she was still standing so my dad and I got two more shots off one him, one me.

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