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They got rid of craigslist personals?

It caught up to personals and dating services.

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Any tool or service can be misused. We can't take such risk without jeopardizing all our other services, so we are regretfully taking craigslist personals offline. Hopefully we can bring them back some day. To the millions of spouses, partners, and couples who met through craigslist, we wish you every happiness! When did the Craigslist ads disappear? How many other personals sites have disappeared, besides Craigslist. Is it constitutional to outlaw the personals? They just said they may be responsible for human trafficking and prostitution.

I think A4A and the like will be fine. No one cares about gays involved with human trafficking. It's only the beginning. I agree, porn is cumming soon. It's gonna be gone. Will porn stores open back up? Porn is constitutionally protected unless it is deemed obscene by community standards which would be impossible to prove given the hundreds of millions who watch it. R6 It's not constitutional to outlaw personals, but a court has ruled that providers of personal ads can be held accountable for the misuse of those personals ads.

When a private business chooses to provide or not provide a service, that is not a constitutional issue unless it is for discriminatory purposes. Previously, there was no risk to Craigslist for providing this service, but now that there is a risk in the form of accountability lawsuits , Craigslist has decided that it is better to abandon the service than to host it.

The risk isn't worth it. I do not know exactly what "misuse of personals ads" means in this context, but accountability is the important factor. My first thought is not that this would lead to porn prohibition, but if classified ads in general are at risk. Can Craigslist be held accountable if they host a listing for a lemon car? If someone buys a dog through Craigslist and the dog kills someone, is Craigslist accountable?

I just checked my local, and you are correct. The header for the personals is still there, but when you click on it, it's not. I'm R22, and not a bottom feeding sex addict. Some of my best relations have come from CL. There was a lot to weed through on there, but finding the ones who didn't want their profiles on normal profiles because they had actual professions, and didn't want to be known, were there.

I begrudgingly welcome this change, only because I hope it forces Craigslist to make their site a bit less shitty with some better moderating. It's very tech-douchebro to want these forums another example is Twitter to be a free-for-all.

It's not good because people aren't disciplined enough. This is not specifically Trump's doing. This is the doing of a Republican congress that feels disempowered because of Trump.

The only things government will be able to pass are moralizing laws like this one. The issue will be in the courts before long. Since it has some of the smell of a prior restraint of free-speech issue - and some technical issues I don't want to discuss this late - I bet there will be injunctions allowing CL to operate the personals temporarily at least.

R27 You'd be surprised, but you'd have to know what to look for and how to attract it. In other words, like you're like R26 wants legislation for, people who don't know how to manage their own lives.

When there's a will there'a a way. Especially when it's a will to cum! Someone will be inventive and either find or invent some alternative to CL personals. You could try actually going out to a social event for gay men, a bar, the theatre, or any of the things gay men did pre-Internet. My preference would be to meet people out in the wild, and I do go out regularly. Everyone wants to "meet" people online. These things have been disappearing over the years, if you haven't noticed.

Fuck it, I was better off and had more fun when it was all taboo anyway. And no, I'm not afraid of real life, or meeting up with anyone. R32, and that's why Craigslist will not allow their site to be shut down without a court fight despite what R28 thinks. Because this legislation makes CL a target for competing services, many based overseas.

And R29, despite your claims of social register-ness, CL personals is a veritable cesspool of casual prostitution, drug dealing, and sex crimes.

My city just had a few CL-bestiality arrests. There have been child sex busts, including the previous CEO of Sunflower Market trying to hook up with a 12 year old in It's not a matter of being unable to manage my own life; it's a matter of the commons being ruined by bad actors - e. Yes R37, because the rest of us should be restricted in our actions and desires, lest anyone looking for sex or just to meet up with another person be grouped in with all the other deviants.

We should just avoid those activities all together. There have been at least as many if not more robberies and murders under the cars and other merchandise for sale, and help wanted ads on CL than there have been for sex.

Should we all stop selling merchandise or looking for work as well? This is seriously insane. I'm fed up with being limited or punished based on what the worst of society does.

What is going on right now is worse than what it was before the alleged "sexual freedom" and "feminism" and "diversity" and all the other bullshit. I knew that crap would take it all down, and it has, and it's going to continue to just get worse.

Let's admit this is just another way of sexually repressed, Incest Survivor Fraus of killing sex. You should have killed your children r No witnesses that way. Or at least given them important government positions. I'm pretty sure R37 is either a frau, or someone letting his inner frau out.

R37 is the type of person that wants to rule everyone as if they are under their own HR doctrine. I said that Craigslist should merely take some concrete steps to ameliorate the worst behavior hosted on its site. I never advocated doing away with it. And yes, as a person who lives in the world and benefits from being a member of the public, I want it to have less child prostitution, meth dealing, and bestiality.

Craigslist could spend some of its billions on better moderation. Facebook et al have real human moderators culling the worst from their site. Craigslist could do this too. Their flagging feature sure doesn't work.

Some studies have found that Craigslist has reduced violence against sex workers, which I believe is true. But it has enabled a lot of other sketchy stuff.

Well, now is the time for some entrepreneurial upstart to fill the void left by CL, for people who want to cruise online, but don't want to use any apps on their phone.

In all seriousness, Craigslist will lose a ton of pagehits from this, I would think. The M4M section in any city seemed like one of their liveliest categories. Oh, you mean being born You want all of these good things for others or yourself? And are you saying these things to actually help anyone? Or are you just saying them to make it sound and seem like you're doing something? You honestly used Facebook as an example of how they're using real human moderators to cull the worst from their site?

Have you read the news? Go read the news, and keep on about how people looking for casual encounters on Craigslist is the problem. Studies about sex on Craigslist? Is this a college course I can sign up for? Is there a Doctoral program? And yet, gun stores cant be held liable for selling guns to crazy ass wingnuts who go off at schools and gay night clubs.

They were talking about the possibility of developing an opt-in required r for adult content on the web to protect children from viewing it, but no. Britain still has porn. In all its guises, online, on subscription channel tv, specialist stores Craigslist personals was a haven for married down-low guys looking for quick anonymous action. It was great for those of us who like married cock. John McCain, R-Arizona, did not vote, although he supported the bill.

A lot of weak people here and everywhere will accept this without qualms. You should just die already. They should just bring back the "back room" that bars used to have in the 70's. They were before my time but it seems like they were a lot of fun. Come to think of it, could spark new interest into all the bars that are closing. Also, would cut down on all the murders from straight thugs posing as gay men just so they can rob you. Craig's List Murders are a real thing.

More than a few married Republican lawmakers are going to be pissed about this. You American whores might have to start taking field trips. Yes, R69, you still have all of that including back rooms and the baths.

But that's because you are all so still closeted. Met a guy in Germany once and he could dream of ever taking a guy back to his place for sex. While the laws have changed the people there act likes its some how low class to be gay or exhibit gay behavior in public. Are there situations where a Craigslist user meets up with someone from an ad, a pillowcase is popped over their head, and they're sold into prostitution? Is that possibility what's being sidestepped by removing the Personals section?

CL wants you to be outraged so that you call, write, scream and create some change in the political system. I agree with the person who said it was more fun when things were taboo. I like meeting in human interaction. Never used the personals because everyone on it seemed gross but this does seem absurd to do. All these old uptight fuckers need to die off already.

Yes, feminists and non-whites have ruined the world by making it forbidden for you to troll for cock on Craigslist. I think this will only spawn websites that will based outside the US. CL's lost will be another one's gain. Let me get this straight Please tell me that Facebook, youtube and instagram can now be held liable for all the destruction they promote. And what are people gonna do about it? Take it up the ass hard and with no vaseline. I don't know how it is people grow to be so stupid, but there's an entire nation of them right outside my door.

Here's an amusing quote from another random board on this topic. I don't agree with all of it, but the writer makes some interesting and funny points. It's in 2 parts. A place replete largely with spambots, prostitutes, the socially inept who drop trou to introduce themselves to strangers, fellas into other fellas posting to request outright anonymous casual intercourse and on too many occasions, requesting to be "pozzed" or infected with HIV.

While Uncle Sam inflicting felonies on sites hosting this behavior feels like some sort of infringement on freedom, or a harbinger of a police state web, the fact is your analogy is a bit broad. They also know that now they let it go this far, there is no possible way they can come back from being an HIV, HPV, herpes, dope and human traffic distributor, and admitted defeat.

I started an account here solely to present this declaration; my contempt for social media, web dating and other distancing social tools which have systematically damaged or destroyed societal social skills like an ice pick was once used to scramble brains. Which really, is all the Libs who present these tools as equal to actual interaction are doing. I have no qualms with one shooting themselves in the foot and despoiling their own objectives, but I take exception when one influences others into such behavior.

Corporatism, Liberalism, and the lobbyists perpetuating these isms have managed to make a fad out of one shoving their own heads into the depths of their own colons. This is why capitalism is perceived as the same thing as corporatism. It makes no sense to steal from you then cop up to it. They have all the money. They stole it anyway. So they spend some to pay talking heads to convince you to not turn around as they continuously dig in your wallet.

Craigslist sold info of all email respondents to solicitors. They robbed you and gave you psychos and disease carriers for hookups. They are kin to EA in this manner. You protest, but still you buy. They all know people are become weak and dependant on the teat.

Uncle Sam is in reality helping you all and attempting to save you from yourselves. And I won't lie-- my being silenced from all social media for my failure to do as I'm told and think safe thoughts, or feed a delusion out of imposed obligation has left me feeling pent up.

Some in my shoes become radicalized, having been intellectually cornered and threatened by ban or even personal harm for questioning the populace, moderators, etc. I simply mourn and live with the resulting depression and abandonment. That's how I roll. But sometimes I just can't stfu, I gotta tell a handful of people to watch out for the bus they are being thrown under.

It matters not but at least now my words are on the web and out of my head. Do what you want. Start a game forum thread with encrypted coords to a public stall and drill a glory hole. If you do not endanger or make me uncomfortable in person, I will not intervene or obstruct. It's your behavior, your consequences, positive or otherwise. Just please do not lash out because an authority says adults should be adults and accept the result of their choices.

Doing it on the web after we have been for years aware that our online data is mined by the government is dumb.

It caught up to them. It caught up to personals and dating services. The weak are culled. Be smarter or quit it. Or get caught, now. It should be painfully obvious this bill means web hosts will rat you out to dodge penalties, too. I will just console myself with the truism that nature abhors a vacuum. Soon enough, another site will replace that CL personals vacuum.

I'm glad it's gone. Only sleazy, gross looking Jerry Springer rejects used it for hookups anyways. The casual encounters section was nothing more than the Wheel of Fortune for STDs; wherever it lands is what disease you're getting. That's not to mention all the cheating spouses. It isn't fair to expose your significant other to whatever STD your Craiglist hoe probably has because they post a different ad on there each week.

It was extremely trashy and I hope it never comes back. So will this eventually affect Grindr, Scruff, etc. And btw, this does affect gay men prettt much only exclusively. It was the only busy Personals section. Yes, I would occasionally check those pages out of curiosity, only to see very little activity. I had a thing for being a voyeur and I got to watch a lot of hot men bust a nut.

Actually R, the W4M section was full of mmmassage ads. A news story here had police reporting CL W4M is the largest nexus of prostitution and drugs. The site right now has 78,, Members, and real-time online models are always around 50, which is a pretty big number. You can also see live broadcasts which are very customizable: FlirtBuddies is a local hookup site to find local love. We would recommend you to stick with the free version — Investigate first, if you find everything fine only then opting for paid plans.

The theme of site is pretty simple and straight forward — get laid. In the free version you get popups over and over again which are annoying for many reasons. We also heard that some people had issues with payment so we would recommend you to be careful and stick to the free version. But, its a nice place to find hot chicks.

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