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If you got conned by these shysters leave a comment below and help spread the word, so more people know the truth about what's really going on.


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And the icing on the cake here is you cannot read or reply to any email messages unless you have upgraded your free membership to a paid membership. In the end it's all about money and this website uses computer software bots to manipulate and deceive people and bait them into upgrading to paid membership so they can communicate with other users on the site.

Unfortunately the users viewing your profile from what we understand don't seem to be authentic real life people. We will explain more as you read further in this investigation. Screenshot of 6 computer generated email messages. Computer software programs can also be used and deployed to send computer-generated automatic instant messages. Using the same tactics you cannot read or reply to any instant messages unless you have a full paid membership.

As evidence you can see the screen shot below circled in red showing the 15 instant messages that we received in a five minute time frame of being a member of Ebony Flirt. Once again we would like to point out that this is not the first time we've seen this type of behavior with dating sites owned by this dating network.

We know we're talking about, we're not pushing conspiracy theories, this is the real truth. Screen shot showing the 15 computer generated instant messages.

Another popular trick that the staff of EbonyFlirt. The notifications tell you when people have "browsed your profile" or "winked" at you or "added you as a friend". In general it's a great tool if it's legitimate.

The problem we have is that on this website everything is computer generated. The chances of real women browsing your profile, are slim to none. They have no reason to browse our profile since it's empty. What are they looking at? We don't have any photographs and we don't have any personal information at all. This leads us to believe that the notifications are used strictly as a gimmick to get people to see who's checking out your profile, who winking at you and who added you as a friend.

From there you may want to communicate to the women browsing your profile and winking at you. But you can't communicate with anyone on Ebony Flirt unless you have an upgraded paid subscription. That's why they use automated bots, to make it appear as if various women are browsing your profile and winking at you. The notification tab is nothing but a deceptive marketing tool designed to get you interested in trying to communicate with members on the site.

As evidence we have taken a screenshot see below showing the 19 different notifications that we have received. Screenshot showing 19 computer generated "winks" and bots "browsing our profile. We use a nifty little software tool called Tin Eye. Tin Eye is a fantastic reverse image software program designed to help you spot photographs found online.

For instance in our investigation we are able to use Tin Eye to do a reverse image search to identify the exact links online where the profile pictures on Ebony Flirt were copied from.

You can take a look at the evidence below and see the screen shot we took of one of the profiles on Ebony Flirt using a photograph that we found on other web sites. Find the best sites for meeting a fuck buddy, to hookup, and ultimately get laid.

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To send fictitious email messages to people who register on Meet Milfy. You need to understand there's no real MILFs sending you erotic email messages. It's all fake and we personally received an email message from a girl calling herself "Gina" claiming to be a 40 year old female from Salt Lake City, Utah. But the picture attached to the email message sent to us was actually of Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner if you don't know is a reality star on a reality show called Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Obviously the email is fake because there would be absolutely no reason for Kylie Jenner to email our profile on MeetMilfy.

When we tried to read the email we were stopped and were sent to a page where we were requested to upgrade to a paid membership so we could read the email message. If you thought we were exaggerating about the website sending out messages to people then you haven't read the terms and conditions page yet. In the terms page they state that to boost interaction between their members they may from time to time use an automatic pop up notification system and send you emails, instant messages and activity alerts to your inbox.

Then it goes on to state some of the automatically generated activity alerts may require you to have an upgraded paid subscription to the site. Exactly what we've been saying. Gina is a phony profile using stolen photos of Kylie Jenner an American reality television personality.

Below we've provided a screenshot showing showing 4 different females who contacted us on the site. One of those female profiles is using a stolen profile pic of Kylie Jenner and three other women with no photographs in their profiles. The emails are another mechanism that Meet Milfy uses to bait you and lure you into a paid subscription to their website. Any emails we tried to read wasn't possible because we needed to upgrade to a paid membership on the site. There aren't any real MILFs emailing us.

All of it is a lie and used to get anyone who joins the site to subscribe to a paid monthly membership on Meetmilfy. If you need more evidence that this milf site is a con look no further than the profile pictures on the website.

Below we have taken 3 screenshots of 3 different profiles. All three of those profiles are phony. Using a special software tool we were able to identify where these fictitious profile pictures actually came from. You can take a look at the links below and see that one of the women is actually Kylie Jenner a reality star.

We also show you other profiles that have been copied from other sources online.

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