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We Explain How Tricks People Into Upgrading

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The verdict on

We dare say, you should avoid xSocial at all costs. When we first visited xSocial. Further below, there is a carousel of profile images of women who are supposedly the newest to sign up on the site.

To the unseasoned eye, it might seem like xSocial has plenty of potential. Unfortunately, even before we registered, a lot of red flags came up. First, the claim that it is rated as the best adult dating site does not include the organization that extended that attribute. From what we could gather, xSocial proclaimed itself to be the best.

Hell, by those standards a year-old lb man can proclaim himself to be the best gymnast in the world — or a year-old could claim to be the fastest man alive. As we probed further, we discovered that the gender ratio claimed by the site was entirely inaccurate.

After we registered, we were able to get a full of view of the xSocial user base. When we analyzed its composition we discovered that the gender ratio only holds true when you take into account the computer-generated profiles created by xSocial itself.

Removing those, the gender ratio of genuine members on the site becomes overwhelmingly male. It is not an exaggeration to state that it is likely that over 99 percent of genuine members are male. Hmmm, even before we got started we already had a bad taste in our mouths. Would things get better or would they get worse? Please beware and remember to always read the Terms and Conditions document carefully. It may be a lot, but it can protect you from becoming a victim to such online dating scams.

The Dating Cop team rates this site as illegitimate and highly untrustworthy. Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off. Well… I wish I knew about this site before signing up. I got suckered in. After paying with my credit card, those girls all stop chatting with me. Soon after registering and paying for credit card, I was signed up to 3 other dating sites. Lesson learned and warning to all. You actually get real women to chat with.

Now to bang them? Too many good looking girls on their site— It had to be fake. At least Adult Friendfinder has average looking people. Note to make this company is operating on a remote island a few hundred miles west of France no doubt just beyond international waters so they are immuned by international law.

They wrote back say because of the cost to do it. Totally agree, they should be made to pay back one thousand times the ammount they scammed from their victims.

Skully, you're not the only one who has been scammed, I have only just realized that I,too, have been scammed by xSocial. I gues I was sucked in to I have never get a reply from any of the members straigh after I made the payment. Yea I was sucked into that bullshit to.

Would love to meet the fucking owners and beat them to death with a fucking rock. But it's not worth it going to prison over, my uncle shot and killed 2 people over a fucking horse trailer and is doing 2 life terms and 99 years in a Wiconsin prison. I tried to get a refund by the method mentioned above and got nowhere fast. Also, their "about us" page gives an email address to contact them through for anything but billing. I wanted to use it to unload on them, but the address does not work.

I should have known better all the way around. Whya re these fraud artists still oerating? Why does law enforcement or the some internet authority close the fuckers down? They are like blood suckers preying on unsuspecting, innocent people.

Write about these bastards on every blog you can find. BTW, Download pics of the sluts who wrote you and threaten to to post their pics and emails on every blog and web site you can find if they will not refund you in full!!!!! Law enforcement yes contact the ftc. I'm not going to say you deserved to be scammed. But the terms and conditions are there for a reason. You ticked the box that said you've read and understand the Ts and Cs.

And if you can be bothered reading the whole thing, a quick google search and plenty of sites like this Weil tell you. And apart from anything else, when do woman ever message guys first? You see how hot these chicks are…why would they be messsge a random dude who they've had no correspondence with and tell him how Horny she is right now and that she wants to come to your house with her girlfriend?

Where's my newspaper I want to hit you all over the back of the head. Even when woman do reply to you, it's with one word answers because they are juggling at least 12 conversations at once. Please explain so it can help others on here to get their money back from XSocial. Well thankfully I didn't get scammed since I did enough research first and found out there are other services doing the same thing as XSocial. I DID however get tricked by an online dating called "getnaughty.

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