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Learn If Is A Legit Site To Meet Real Grannies

Are they the same same company and if you subscribe to one of them will your membership be valid for all of them?

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This means that the person in the "Virtual Cupid" profiles are not actually a member of the site. This means that the "Virtual Cupids" are used to get members to upgrade " fuller participation in all the Services " and buy a monthly membership.

And in another interesting article they go onto to say " By accepting these Terms you further acknowledge and agree that any information or pictures displayed to you via a VC's profile does not relate to an actual person but has been included for the above mentioned purposes. That is self explanatory, all the info and photographs in a "Virtual Cupid" profile is fake " does not relate to an actual person ".

Read section 9 of this document to become familiar to how this site operates their scam. Winks are another method use by the site to get your attention. They use automated systems that "send a wink" to free members.

The "winks" are used to enable you to show someone you like them. But they use"winks" to trick male members into thinking that the person winking likes them. All the "winks" we received were from "Virtual Cupids" shown below. When a website such as this one clearly details how they run their con, then is nothing to do except looks elsewhere and use legitimate dating sites.

I knew Naughtyover40 was a scam. Thank you so much for explaining it in 'detail' exactly how it works. I did NOT sign up with them. I had a look at the 2 legit sites shown in your link and it seems they are excatly the same site as AdultFriendFinder. Are they the same same company and if you subscribe to one of them will your membership be valid for all of them? Or do all of them have the exact same women on there anyway? I fell for it. Even after doing research. After 3 wks of searching on this site.

I Have really looked at some of the photos past the women. If you look hard you will see electrical outlets that are not from the USA. Then there are different women posing in the same exact room of about 3 or 4 different women. I have been testing other sites myself. Even if you try and research these type of site.

There are no real sites for what us men are actually looking for. I totally agree with the comment above.

I came off the site for a few years, then when I returned the ladies I previously chatted to all remembered me and all said that it had been four months since they last saw me.

Out of the seven I contacted again, five of them did not even notice that it had been years not months. None of the seem to want to meet for coffee let alone what they say they are here for. They will tell you anything they need to to keep you buying message credits and that's it. I suspect the site emulates profiles and pics from other sites, and pays the "women" a commission for every message they encourage you to respond to. Out of 50 "women" who were supposedly looking for action, every one deflected when a coffee meet was suggested, saying they're not quite ready yet but lets keep chatying until I am ready.

Its a total scam same as localgrannysex. The site is a scam and everyone sings from the same songsheet. Don't waste your money like I did. Wish I looked for a review first and found this b4. As above wish I found this site earlier Also two contacts in same erea seem to be the same person with replies very simlar. Do not wish to use web site too. Not working any more also many other site with simlar headings same contacts.

I have to agree with all the comments above. What the heck are they doing on this site if they are supposedly too busy to bother or too nervous.

This is Aussie, I totally agree with the above comments after my experience with "localgrannies. Well O have got the message, localgrannies is a scam and no more paid messages from me. Totally agree with comments.

Doesn't matter how long u message once it comes to try and arrange a meeting " they run for the hills". Wish i had thought of this as my business would be sailing the Bahamas now with real women. Agree with everything said above, profile pictures taken from porn sites complete reluctance to give anything away about who ' where or what they do, cost me a tenner to top up credits just to find someone feeding me a line.

Im starting to agree with the other comments as soon as you ask to meet for a meal or coffee always so. The report above about grannysexcontacts. I checked this out myself…. I replied saying that it was too expensive to converse on the site……. This last response from all of them was word for word the same….. So with reference to the above report on it being a genuine site, all I can say is the only way to test a site is to actually use it and spend money to get at the truth….

In my opinion it is a fake, money making site only. I could not help feeling that I was chatting to just one person. Surely that would be betterserve having a coffee.

This is an out and out Scam site! Lonely old Muggins here also suggested texting or emailing to save both of us money on at least five occasions. Once bitten, twice shy, eh! Never again on there.

By the way, if anyone has found a genuine site Ha ha! Just registered on the site. Have recieved 4 messages in 2 days from 'interested' ladies. All generic and clearly designed to get me to stump up to reply. I read the above reviews and thanks to all for the warnings. I thought it looked like a pay your money for no product site so wont be joining to message anyone.

All the masseages are probably from an employee in an office in Manchester. They all responded within a minute of each other. They all said they wanted to get to know me on the site.

I sent a 2nd round of messages telling them to text me. All 3 said no. This site is total bullshit!!!!! ITS a total scam, 1 woman said she paid to reply, as if, does anyone know what the women get?

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