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All the positive reviews are written by the same person, whose first language is NOT English. The grammar is off for a supposed native English speaker. Try OasisActive or Eharmony. Avoid this site at all costs. So you women are being played — am I — not anymore! FU SF or as he calls himself big daddy. Has the nerve to say I am not ready for a relationship — hmm another excuse.

Good luck with him. We should be able to give negative stars for sites like CheekyLovers. These people are pure scammers, avoid at all costs. This is the perfect online dating site for a young guy like me.

It has a lot of ladies that are into casual dating. I love it here because of that. I joined here after breaking up with my ex-girlfriend. And after that, this place has made more into a promiscuous man. I think every young people should join this place.

Even a poor guy that recently graduated college can succeed. Worst site ever, none of its real, I had to cancel my checking account to get the repeat billing to stop. Any a hole that says they met someone is lying. The guys on here are so incredibly rude when I reject in a respectful way. I just want to go out and have some fun on a date with a guy that is attractive and polite. There goes my desire to continue with cheekylover or any other dating sites out there. I just came on here to look for something not too serious and it was great.

The guys on here are very flirtatious and smooth. They are very good with words. The dates I get taken on are fun most of the time and it just a great way to relax and have fun. I would recommend this place to anyone out there, guy or girl. Try it and see for yourself. I had a horrible experience here. Every single time a girl wants to webcam with me, they always try to redirect me to a different site.

It turns out that a lot of the girls on here are just trying to get you to pay to watch their webcam. This was not what I was expecting at all when I signed up here! I was just looking for like minded individuals who want to have some casual sex.

I do not want to pay to watch you on a webcam. I guess ill just have to stick with the more conventional dating site.

This is a wonderful place for the type of casual dating I was looking for. The profiles are filled with sexy pictures of ladies and they are very chatty as well. I definitely enjoyed my time here for the past 2 months. This was the right therapy I needed after my breakup with my ex. Had fun times here. I was looking for something more serious when I visited cheekylover. To my surprise, all the guys here only ask me for some casual dating.

It was a total turnoff! I want something more serious and more secure. I was hoping to find a boyfriend like my bestfriend did. I wish I knew what kind of dating site this was before I joined. It isnt a bad site, it just isnt for me.

This is an interesting dating site. I came here because I just want some casual dating. But the population here is like half of the profiles are real girls, a quarter of them are cam girls which I really like and the rest are fake accounts trying to take my money. I have fun chatting here, especially with the fake accounts because the stories they make up is so unbelievable that its funny.

The dating part is pretty awesome. CheekyLovers is one of the best international casual dating sites. Here, you will have the chance to encounter many casual lovers with many possibilities. All the members at CheekyLovers are cheeky guys and girls who are hungry for occasional dates. Cheeky Lovers features many tools available for use to find women and men looking for fun. The various tools includes the email system, chat rooms, winks, flirtcast, ratings and icebreakers. These communication tools are a good starts to meet people in a comfortable environment.

Once registered, the site will enable you to create a free profile and upload a photo, search for matches and sort results by gender, age, location or another parameter , view profiles and photos of flirty members and catch attention by sending winks. Find everywhere you sent me email address and have it removed from their system and anywhere they sent it, and then remove me completely from your system.

Roadglide is married for 30 yeard with 2 children. One of whom is still at home. Such a sham to have young women flaunting themselves to a 65 year old man. Leave this field empty.

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