Imperial Cleaning Review Is It a Scam?

This is just a marketing strategy used to get people to upgrade to a paid subscription. We have also included evidence of one profile on FreeLifetimeCheaters.

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Surprisingly after you create your free basic membership and agree to the terms and conditions you get sent to a secondary page where they ask for your credit card information. They state that free lifetime memberships are zero dollars, there is no charge. But in the same breath they ask for a valid credit card which is required for "age verification" to activate your free account. The funny thing is when you created your free basic account on the previous page you had to agree to the terms and conditions conditions see image above and you had to also certify that you were 18 years of age.

So then why are they asking for your credit card for age verification if you already verified you over 18 on the previous page? This is because this is where the scam takes place. As soon as you submit your credit card information on that page there is another section that has already been checked for you shown in the image below and this is where your credit card charges appear.

You automatically get billed to three separate web sites. These charges are discreetly charged to your card without your knowledge. Once we actually got into the members area we started to receive instant messages and video chat messages. All these messages were completely phony and there were no women actually sending out chat messages or video chat messages to us.

If you look at the two screenshots below you will see one that has an image of a girl in it. That is a video that is automatically played to people who log on to the site.

This pre recorded video continuously loops over and over and over to all the people who register on the site with a free account. Don't get tricked into thinking that this is a legitimate girl who is actually sending you messages and sitting in her bedroom in her bra.

If you look at the text right below the video it says "to communicate with other members you have to upgrade your membership click here". As you can you see need to "agree to the terms, email, "Love Stars" and privacy policy". But what exactly are "Love Stars" and why do you need to agree to them? If you have taken the time to read the terms and conditions you will probably come across the terminology "Love Stars". They have employees sitting behind desks creating phony profiles so that when you visit the members area of the site it looks like there are thousands of hot looking girls ready to get busy with you.

Like everyone else who registered on FreeLifetimeCheaters. After we created our basic account we were sent to a secondary page where we were asked for credit card information to verify we are over 18 years of age, but we were automatically upgraded to a VIP membership.

Screen shot showing you automatically get enrolled into a VIP membership. Screen shot showing you get charged to 2 adult porn sites, without your consent. It didn't take long for the scam to really get going. Once we got into the members area all hell broke lose. We start receiving chat messages left and right from all types of different women who were interested in chatting with us. When we tried to communicate back to those women a message popped up on the chat screen stating that "to communicate with other members we have to upgrade our membership".

Screen shot of fake chat messages used to lure you into upgrading. And even more evidence for you. We took a screenshot of 7 emails we received and all of them require us to "upgrade our membership".

That's fine we don't mind paying for a legitimate dating service however all the emails we received were from "Love Stars" profiles. Once again, it's all a trick to get us to pay for their worthless monthly membership program.

Computer bots sending us fake email messages. Another popular marketing method used by FreeLifetimeCheaters. You don't know any better and you start receiving one of these webcam chats with the hot girl stripping down in front of you it's easy to get taken in.

But we are here to tell you its all fake! The webcam video you're viewing is completely fake nobody is stripping down for you, the video was recorded months or years earlier and is automatically played to every person who registers as a member on FreeLifetimeCheaters. Remember this is just a marketing tool to get you to chat to the supposedly live girl in the webcam video.

The people behind FreeLifetimeCheaters. This part of our investigation we're going to help you so you can identify fake "Love Stars" profiles on this site. It's very easy if you look at the evidence we have below circled in red. The letters "LS" in grey signifies "Love Stars" and when you hover over "LS" a little popup appears and that's where the black square with the words "Love Stars entertainment services" pops up. We believe we can safely say that FreeLifetimeCheaters.

One tip from us is to always read the Terms and Conditions of use before you start using, or at least when you give your credit card info to a site on the internet. If you have any further inquiries and would like to know more, feel free to post your questions in the section below.

Also, if you have a personal experience using FreeLifetimeCheaters. You never know who when someone might find your input useful. If you feel you have been deceived and overcharged by this site, there is something you can do.

Contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint and report the site after you cancel your paid membership.

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