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What is this charge do it again and fraud is going to be on your ass..

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By clicking the "Send" button I hereby consent to my personal data being processed for the purpose of receiving replies from you regarding my request for information. Scammed me for a subscription go a dating site I did not authorize recurring billing.

Com Hi I see somebody is taking money off my credit card and I want my money back on my card before I call the law enforcement about this marcel Reported: The scammers use illegal online payment processors who sent up single page websites often with live support! The support is usually a sham. Scammers, apply small charges to avoid detection and hence delay the reporting of scam, by victims.

The charge could have been set up as a monthly subscription. You should get the card cancelled and get a replacement, as soon as an unauthorized charge is detected.

These scammers are afraid of getting charged-back by credit card companies. Instead, they would as well go ahead and refund, to protect their larger business which is largely supported by people who miss noticing the bogus charges.

COM scam charges hit them: Told me I had seve Caller is identified as: Jurors are not summoned via text message or phone Never click a link or download document in an unsolicited mail Alert from bank?

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