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Learn how your comment data is processed. We joined the site as a free member to uncover if SnapFuck was a legitimate dating service or yet another fraud camouflaged to mislead you into upgrading.

You can read the whole review and all the corroborating evidence below. This Is What's Actually Happening This so-called dating service is using automated software systems call bots. Bombarded With Bots Viewing Our Dating Profile Not only is this site using bots to make it appear as if women have viewed our profile but they're using bots to send us fictitious "friends requests".

A friend's request is when somebody requests to be your friend on the site, the same as on Facebook. But in this particular situation no real female members are requesting to be our friend, it's an automated bot software program used to act like a real member. But it's actually a computer bot requesting to be your friend.

That may sound a little bit complicated but the bottom line is they used software bots to impersonate real female members and make it appear as if they want to be your friend. At that time you will want to see who the girl who wants to be your friend is, then when you try to reply or communicate with her you will be asked to purchase a paid membership to the website.

That is always the end goal of these of these type of fraudulent dating services. You can take a look at the evidence we have provided below, a screenshot showing the various automated friends requests that we have received.

Take into account that our profile is completely empty, void of any photographs whatsoever so why would anyone want to be our friend? It makes absolutely no sense. The cherry on top is without a doubt the terms and conditions of the site section 1 page. We copied and pasted the terms and conditions so you can read them right below this paragraph. In the terms they talk about the use of fictitious virtual profiles and they admit that they do create them. They admit that they use virtual profiles to stimulate conversation with users which basically means manipulating people into trying to converse with the phony virtual profiles and then they will be asked to upgrade and pay for a membership.

They also admit that all the messages from the made up profiles are automatically generated. No humans are actually sending messages to you. They also admit that they hire paid contractors who generate and reply to messages.

It's all below for you to read, and remember these are from their own words. The administrators of this site are the ones who wrote the terms and conditions page. November 9, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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