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Uses computer to facilitate the meeting meeting e. Members are urged to attend different groups and find those that fit best with their personal needs in recovery. Above all, keep coming back. Open Mixed English Check-in. Open Mixed English Book Study. You will need a speaker and microphone on your computer meeting name: Closed Mixed English Topic. Closed Women English Topic.

Meeting conducted via Skype, central time Add skype: Closed Mixed English Step. Meeting conducted via Skype, central time Download software free at www.

Will need speaker and microphone. Specify desire to recover from sexual addiction. Default Skype requests cannot be honored. Necesitara altavoz y el microfono. Closed Mixed English Book Study. Closed Mixed English Varies.

Open Mixed English Topic. Open Women English Book Study. Meeting conducted via Skype, Moscow time Download software free at www. You can join using call in number and meeting code Access is available via internet through Online Meeting Link: Italia Genova to your Skype contacts, mentioning your desire to recover from addictive sexual behavior then call in any time shortly before the meeting Tuesday 8: Closed Mixed Spanish Step.

Closed Mixed Spanish Topic. I wanted to make contact , as alas I was stung by joining three of these so called genuine sites… I joined local temptations, and seemed to get the now established pattern of female members expressing interest, some evening sending contact email… Of course, upon responding, either directly, or to furnished email, nothing came back! In tandem with this, my member profile seems to have filtered across to other sites, which I had not visited, let alone signed up to.

Initially, having had complimentary replies, I thought, perhaps they'd looked at my mug shot, and had a change of heart- but having received a few dozen replies, this seemed very unlikely, and I smelled a rat! I remonstrated with their so called customer services, having read a couple of online reviews from men who'd had a similar experience! I suggested that they were fraudulent scum, and stronger words, to which I received a bland system generated or generic reply… They weakly defended their touts for money, saying that they had hundreds of thousands of genuine members, but that their fraud department detected up to fake profiles a day?!

Usually I'm pretty shrewd, and I took this pathetic impersonal 'dear member' response apart. I suggested that it could be remotely conceivable that all the responses I had were from fakes, that had breached their antifraud nets, but this didn't seem credible. I further suggested that if they were detecting false profiles daily, that equated to around of 3, per week, and over k per year!! Hardly reassuring to prospective money spending members for a service akin to Russian roulette as to whether or not it's all legit?!

The second site was easy sex. They did respond and refund my money. Any genuine guy looking for relations of a sexual nature, or indeed something more permanent seems to be in a minefield of fraud… The third and final site is the elegantly titled 'shag city'… I joined recently, as a good friend of mine had suggested it…. I haven't as yet shut this down, and wondered if you could shed any light as to the legitimacy of this site? We live in an age where internet deception is a growing problem, and it seems that most, if not all of these dating sites are a con!

I've had msgs from xmeeting, horny affairs, etc, but won't touch these with a barge pole. Doing some more digging, it seems that many of them are linked to an address in Guernsey, which is a huge red flag. I suppose the only safe bet is something like match. It's appalling that there isn't more 'policing' of these sites, but, then, I guess the resources available, and cross border complexity make it difficult to pursue these crooks?! You have asked in your letter if shag city is a scam YES! It is don't purchase any credits to talk to the so called ladies.

You are talking to a computer not a lady every profile on this site is a fake. Don't waste your money. Hi everyone who reads these reviews. However sfter I had been a member for a week approx I decided that anyone and everyone of the women I contacted where fantasy. I cancelled my membership not expecting any refund but still being allowed access until my subscription ran out at the end of the month that I had paid for,instead they have stopped me from getting back onto the site to carry on trying to get a date.

Who knows I could have got lucky. They took my money and made themselves richer like a lot of these sites do. They are the scum of the earth who play on men,s weaknesses.

Particularly the widowed or the single men who have not found a partner yet. I would imagine that they do the same to women as well if they are lucky enough to get any to sign up. Local Temptation is unfortunately a fraud which is still ongoing. Thanks for leaving a comment and helping us to warn others about this ongoing scam. Hey my name is Nikita and I was thinking of joining Local tempations, arousing dates, online crush etc, the membets seemed to be interested in me because I live in Seattle area.

If I join any of those sites, they are all basically bots, which means the pictures and messages I saw there were all fake? So no one likes me at all then. I really wanted to join one of those sites, but I am afraid it's a scam, those pictures sure look real, someone help me get a date. I'm speak Russian too.

If they clearly indicate which profiles are bogus ones and it's true then you have ability to avoid these profiles at least. A lot of girls use them pretending it's just for their security if u want to meet them even for business purposes but in reality they just want money from you since they are affiliates of these sites with their referral links. There are a lot of them even on Skype. How do you find them on Skype? Send me info on how I can find them on Skype plese. Your email address will not be published.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Do you think it's okay to trick people by creating fake profiles and then pawning them off as real members? We think it's a problem if a dating site is intentionally using fraudulent business practices such as creating phony profile pages even if they tell you about it.

This is the exact scenario being played out on the front page of LocalTemptation. They tell us that they have "computer-generated virtual profiles that are targeted to me and my interests and sent by local Temptation". How they think this is ok is beyond us. Just because they're telling us that they're creating fake profiles doesn't make it right! It's unethical, fraudulent and most likely illegal! October 2, at 5: November 30, at 4: October 16, at 2: December 26, at 5: December 29, at 6: December 30, at January 3, at 1: March 31, at October 31, at October 31, at 3: February 9, at 1: February 12, at 8: April 23, at 9: March 17, at 7: March 18, at 1: October 31, at 1: November 12, at 6:

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