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Practically-A-Book Review: Luna Whitepaper

You are burning time that you can put to use more productively, like increasing your attractiveness so you can more easily date people in more traditional ways.

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We left no stone unturned in our quest to find out the truth about how this dating service operates. Can anyone explain how a 73 year old man with no profile photo see screen shot below is receiving so much attention on SwipeSluts. We also forgot to mention that for this real investigation of Swipe Sluts we made certain to use a profile that was not only ridiculous but also a member profile that was barren of photos, barren of videos and empty of any information.

Even with a completely empty profile page that didn't stop us from being blasted with emails, instant messages, web cam chat messages and notifications. We took a few hours to document our experience with this "dating service". In reality a 73 year old with a profile like our should be receiving absolutely no communications from any girls on the site if the site was a legitimate dating site. The fact that we had tons of women flocking to us was the first indicator that things were very wrong here.

Would you be contacting a 73 year old woman who had a blank profile page? We didn't think so and that's how it should be in the normal world. But in the murky world of hookup sites things never seem to add up.

Continue reading as we break down exactly what is going on with SwipeSluts. Our empty profile page didn't stop us from being emailed and messaged from women in their 20s! In this part of the investigation we provide evidence of the chat messages we get from hot looking half nude women in their 20s. First lets look at this girl's screen name "BigBootyHoe4u". Even if a girl is a slut there is no way she is going to use a screen name like that EVER!

But it's a catchy name that grabs attention from male users. On top of that absurdity is the fact she says "It's about time she she found some yumm". How is a 73 year old guy considered "yumm"? And she wants to "have a little fun" with a a 73 year old guy, not! This is all lies. No 27 year old female who goes by the name of "BigBootyHoe4u" is chit chatting with us, it's just not happening.

We have investigated enough dating sites to spot less than credible dating sites a mile away. What exactly is the scam? First off they try to sell you the idea that hot looking girls in their 20s are ready to hookup with anyone, even 73 year old men. Of course the truth is that it's a bot that acts like a human that's behind the sexy messages.

And the reason behind all this silliness is money. You can see in the evidence shown below that if we want to "communicate with other members we have to upgrade our membership.

They want to make money off of our gullibility and misjudgment. Screen shot of a bot sending us faked instant messages to manipulate us so upgrade.

Emails are another tool in their arsenal that they utilize. And the emails are all computer generated garbage, none of the emails are sent from real women who actually want to meet you. As you can see circled in red is says "upgrade your membership". This is what it all boils down to. They want you to upgrade and buy a monthly subscription to Swipe Sluts.

This is the end goal of sending automated emails to a 73 year old man. What other reason would there be for 20 years old to contact a guy in his 70s? It's a big con job and you are the target. And remember that the emails are all sent from bots not real women. You are interacting with a computer not real people, ever! A screen shot of the email messages we received from bots. In the online world anything is possible using bots. Take the screenshot below of the girl in the pink bra.

That is supposed to be a video of a girl who is live and typing to us a 73 year old man directly. But is that what's truly going on? Of course not, it's all a joke on anyone who thinks this is a real girl actually typing to you. By now you should understand that the people who operate this site will do anything they can think of to deceive you. They see you as a way to make money. With that being said lying by using a video that is prerecorded to make you think it's a live video is what they will do in order to make money from you.

When you try to initiate conversation back to the girl in the video guess what? You need to upgrade! It says "to communicate with other members you have to upgrade your membership see evidence circled in red below. And that is the exact reason these pretend "live web cam girls" are used.

Using the same exact automated software program that sends fake emails they also use it to send us "notifications". All the notifications were from virtual not physically existing people made by a software program profiles. We received notifications that female members had viewed our profile, sent us emails and sent us instant messages.

A quick google search or as long as you'd like will reveal that Tinder has also unjustly banned thousands of other users, and that's only counting those who'd bothered to complain about it.

I find this a vehemently repulsive way of treating compliant and supportive customers, who are, after all, also human beings.

If you give someone your number in the Tinder app, prepare to be bombarded with scam calls. I've never gotten scam calls, and now suddenly - so many you won't know how to deal with them. I have about voicemails since I gave out my number. Tinder removed my account with the error code claiming my account went against their terms of service or community guidelines.

I had yet to match with anyone and the pictures on my profile was one of my face and one of the Pansexual pride flag. There was absolutely nothing in my description that was inappropriate. I simply talked about some TV shows I like.

The usual things you'd expect on a Tinder profile. As far as I can tell from reading the Terms and Guidelines I did nothing wrong and they've yet to give me a reason why my account was removed despite me sending an email with a screenshot of the error code.

I really wish they would actually care about their clients especially the paying ones. I have had Tinder gold a few times and I am getting ripped off because they have not ever figured out how to let us pick the age range required. Because of this, I am constantly getting matches that are much younger and it is a waste of my time. Especially when I go out of my way to pay for boosts. I am 66 and I want to choose the age range. Bumble has it down and you basically slide the moving scale to where you want it.

Yours does not let me. Tinder, deleted my golder membership account. I did buy Tinder membership. I cannot enter my account. Please specifically say me, which part of my words, you cannot able to comprehend??? I have been on this site only for a couple of months. My two first experiences were very pleasant. We only had dinner.

My last experience was a disaster which I never had the opportunity to meet the man who turned out to be a scammer. He lied about where he lives and it turned out that he lives out of the country.

Very handsome man and loving but a scammer. This site is dangerous. Be aware of woman who ask for your phone number after a few conversations. They are looking to scam. Nothing wrong with that but she misrepresented who she was. Furthermore, she was a hooker. As somebody that never writes reviews this year fact I am writing this is an indication of this year for stretching disappointment and quite frankly and yeah I feel at this app period.

It is the worst app I have ever used. Not the worst dating site the worst app. First of all let me show you I have tried it on multiple devices of different makes and different internet connections to eliminate that as an issue and the same problems arose on the three different devices from a Sony phone to an Apple iPad and Samsung tablet.

The only thing that's appeared to work correctly was installation of the application. After that creating an account either using Facebook or creating it manually was ridiculously frustrating. I was given a repeated errors saying, "Something went wrong. I got repeated errors with email verification. At some point I managed to actually log on but then would get repeated errors when I trying to find people near me again.

It comes up, "Sorry something went wrong. Please try again later. The app itself is difficult to use when it is working. It doesn't explain things well. Everything needed or worth having costs extra money. I felt I was just guessing on how the whole thing works.

I don't feel like I know how my profile is being presented. I want to find people I have liked. I am sure there is a way but it is confusing. Send with guidance and just fails extremely basic and designs to keep you spending at every level. The worst thing of all is how unreliable it is. If you do eventually managed to talk to somebody they will lose interest because you won't be able to Long Arm again a few hours later to talk to them you won't know why or what the problem is.

It just saying that it's not worth more than it does. I have never had such an awful painful frustrating experience with anything running code before. I beg you go somewhere else. Don't even look at it. Advise everyone to go somewhere else. I guess it's a business and designed to make money but at least you should get some kind of service for you on it.

This is just rubbish rubbish rubbish x infinity. Tinder from South Africa suddenly becomes Be2. That means, when the end of your subscription arrives they will deduct the same amount which magically changes from R77 for six months, to R77 a WEEK!

Hey guys, I was using Tinder for a couple of months until one day I got banned from the app for no reasons whatsoever. Customer service is useless sending you links to their policies and guidelines from reading which you understand that you are as clean as an angel , maximum you get from them is "Unfortunately, we cannot provide any more detailed information at this time".

No warning, no support, no interest in keeping you as a customer - just ban, that's it. Needless to say - no refund for unused subscription You lose your money for reasons you don't know. After reading other people's reviews I understand that anyone can get banned without explanations Sadly Tinder was the worst internet community experience I have had in my almost 40 years of life I have had not ONE person in my area.

Every man that has contacted me is a scammer and asks for money. I've had this app for over 2 years now. I've never had a problem with it. I've never posted anything offensive or nudes or anything of that sort. I've seen many other profiles with content way more offensive than mine so I give this app a 1. I signed up for the paid service with Tinder in which they charge you every 6 months.

I didn't use it much and neglected to cancel the subscription. They said that since it wasn't within 14 days, they refused to refund this charge. Although they knew I had not used the service for more than 6 months and would not use it for the subsequent 6 months for which my account was charged, this company has refused to refund any portion of the charge.

With a little "encouragement" from the site I was told if I "upgraded" I'd receive more specific potential mates that I described in great depth. I have received zero, but again "requests" from every other continent other than the one I live in. Not a lot of money, but yes even proved who I was "verified" with passport Which I think is a nice valid point of eliminating falsified photos of others but wasted a great amount of time and a lot of "deep" thought that I put into this.

Tinder are the typical corporate con company. They sign you up and as no one reads the pages and pages of terms and conditions then bam they delete your account. No warnings, no support like, "Oh we don't think you should post this picture," not as much as an email saying, "Hi user thanks for the you paid us but bye we have deleted your account and if you want you money back then follow this link which goes nowhere and try to understand the ridiculously complex refund process we set up so we can ensure we can steal your money.

Please please boycott this rip off company because they will steal your money. I joined Tinder for about 8 months and I recently deleted the app for a few reasons: The text gets deleted while in the middle of a discussion. Just a fair warning to transgender ladies who decide to use this app, if you get matched with a few guys on there, just be warned that you will be unmatched by some guys or get cut off while in the middle of a text discussion because they are here to fool you.

I've been online dating for four years and all of the sites I tried never have worked for me and it is really hard for me as a trans lady without surgery to find that special someone. After watching Good Morning America I felt that the online dating app Tinder was a good thing, so I joined and things were fine for two days, then recently my account was closed, and when I tried to get it resolved the 'customer service' contact for Tinder, ended up being hackers who wanted to gain access to my accounts.

I don't understand how Tinder is still in business if they don't have a true way for customers to contact them and how is that legal!? So not only am I out of money but have to make sure I won't be hacked and my information is secure! On top of that, they have three different locations for their 'corporate office'! So in other words they don't want to be held accountable!

I just joined the site, nothing against it, but there are only about 24 people from my area, and some are from Canada which does nothing for me.

I'm getting messages, but they are from Scammers who are always on these sites, who do NOT live near me. I called one out, who got nasty when I questioned her on why her photo shows up on Google image search times! Tinder bans people for no reason, am I the only one?

I'm aware that I am not the only person. I see that they are banning people for being racist, but what is their company doing to make customers feel like they are not being discriminated against? For over 2 months, Tinder has had my account under review for no reason. When I sent them emails, explaining everything they never responded. When they did respond, I got, "We are working on the issue.

After 3 days, they blocked my account. I sent an email to them and a guy name Carl emailed me back saying that I was banned from the dating site. However, they gave me no reason. I just as of 1 day ago finally decided to download the Tinder app. Had heard mixed reviews about it and I clearly see why. For one, I've practically given up on dating or meeting anyone for a lasting relationship. For one, I hear a lot of women complaining that most of the guys on there are scumbags just looking to get laid or use somebody.

Look at the stuck-up trash they post on their profile description! It is all just deceptive marketing. Marketing can make dog crap look like peach cobbler and sell it. The people who run these sites are only interested in only your wallets and bank accounts, and they couldn't care any less about you as a person. Tinder and other social sites are a good thing when they are used responsibly, like staying in contact with friends and family.

Sex and pillow talk are for just a few hours. An actual relationship that is grounded in the right basis will last a lifetime if it is with the right person. Helped me to meet a number of interesting people. Wide variety of people helped me to narrow selection to people I felt I was more compatible with.

Went on a number of good dates and a few went further. After entering my information most of the people had similar interests and I found them to be pretty compatible with me. I enjoyed meeting the people it selected for me. A lot of setting helped me determine what information I wanted to provide publicly. The mobile app was simple and easy to use.

I enjoyed being able to access it anywhere and have a similar user experience to what I had on my laptop. It is definitely more of a hook-up app than anything else. A lot of the dudes are scummy but there are a few who were pretty high quality but that's just the way of the world. It is not indicative of the app. It seemed fine enough to me. I had no problems with that aspect of it but I wouldn't be surprised if other people did.

It is exactly what you need a mobile app to be.

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